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Workout Ready: 10 Items Every Guy Can Throw in His Gym Bag
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Workout Ready: 10 Items Every Guy Can Throw in His Gym Bag

Written by Charles Thompson-Wang on March 15, 2018
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Rain or shine, guys hit the gym to stay fit and healthy. Since many of us spend so much time working out, improve the overall experience by bringing the right stuff with you in that gym bag.

Here are some of our favorite (affordable) items you can throw into your gym bag before that next workout.

1. JanSport Hatchet LD Backpack

stuff gym bag

First things first: a functional gym bag. JanSport, the OG of backpacks, has an excellent selection, our favorite being the Hatchet LD Backpack, hip in style and sturdy in material, with a central compartment and side pockets perfect for holding all your gym accoutrements. $75, 


2. Master Lock 4400D Indoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock

stuff gym locker

You’ve got to keep your stuff safe, but why fuss with a regular lock when you can turn your smartphone into a key? This padlock pairs with an app that makes it easy for you — and only you — to open. No more losing keys or forgetting combinations. $39, 


3. Rxbar Protein Bars

stuff rx bar

The Rxbar Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Bar is delicious and packed with protein, making it the perfect snack to boost your strength before your workout or replenish your body after. Box of 12, $7, 

4. Nike Havoc Training Gloves

stuff work out gloves

Training gloves not only protect you from getting calluses but provide a firm grip. $22, 


5. Insulated water bottle

stuff water bottle

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! This insulated water bottle is eco-friendly, sweat-proof and really cute. $20, 


6. Sweatproof headphone

stuff headphones

Sweat a lot while you exercise? Solved: These are sweat-proof headphones. $29, 


7. La Nuit de L’Homme Deodorant Stick from Yves Saint Laurent


gym bag yves saint laurent

For the muscle queen who’s also a fashion horse. Your fellow gym-goers will appreciate you for having deodorant, in our gym bag. Save your natural scent for The Eagle. $22,  

8. Flip-flops

gym bag stuff flip flops

Getting athlete’s foot from your gym shower is not sexy. Throw a pair of flip-flops into your gym bag to protect your feet and avoid fungi (because you’re fun enough)! $22, 


9. Personal Hygiene Kit


gym bag malin goetz

Not all gyms put products in the shower, but this MALIN + GOETZ kit has everything you need, from peppermint shampoo to Bergamont body wash. $32, 


10. Miamica Dirty Laundry Travel Laundry Bag


gym bag laundry bag

Separate your sweaty (and smelly) workout gear from the rest of what’s in your gym bag with this portable laundry bag. $10, 


Anything cool in your gym bag we should know about? Sound off in the comments.


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