These 5 Designers Are Our Picks to Outfit the American Team at Future Olympic Games

These 5 Designers Are Our Picks to Outfit the American Team at Future Olympic Games

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Famous for his clean aesthetics and preppy vibe, Ralph Lauren has been outfitting American athletes at the Olympics Games — Winter and Summer — since 2008. For the 2014 Sochi Games, the American Olympics uniform for the opening ceremony consisted of a patchwork cardigan sweater decorated with stars and the American flag. 

Team USA 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi

For the 2016 Rio Games, Lauren opted for a cleaner silhouette — the athletes sported navy blazers, striped long-sleeved tees and fitted white denim jeans.

Team USA 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio

Finally, this week Ralph Lauren revealed the American Olympics uniform for the 2018 opening ceremony. The most notable piece from the collection is the winter coat, a down coat with wires and smartphone technology. The jacket gives athletes temperature control using three separate settings via an app on their phones.

In addition to the winter coat, the American Olympics uniform includes fringed gloves (an homage to the country’s Native American history?) but nothing particularly groundbreaking.

“American style” prides itself on innovation in sportswear. And with so many talented designers who could elevate the American Olympics uniform, bringing them to the 21st century, perhaps it’s time for the United States to bring in some fresh blood.

Here are 5 other American designers who could take over the task of creating a super innovative, stylish American Olympics uniform:


1. Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang already has an impressive sportswear résumé under his belt. Having collaborated with athletic giants like Adidas, Wang knows how to inject street vibes into his sportswear by using innovative fabrics. We could expect an equally forward-looking American Olympics uniform from Wang. The USA Team would look hyper-modern in one of his youthful designs.

2. Tom Ford

Tom Ford knows how to turn up the sexy in his creations. His formal wear is always impeccably tailored, and his streetwear exudes natural confidence. If Ford were to design the American Olympics uniform for future Games, we could definitely expect a parade of gorgeous athletes in form-fitting sportswear sashaying down the opening ceremony runway.


3. Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony, helmed by the American duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, is famous for collaborating with different designers (like Maison Martin Margiela) and creating streetwear that’s both edgy and innovative. From outerwear to sneakers, Opening Ceremony is more than capable of producing a fresh head-to-toe American Olympics uniform.


4. Off-White

Virgil Abloh, the mastermind behind the “it streetwear” label Off-White, could quickly turn up the opening ceremonies fashion game if he decided to outfit Team USA. Having already collaborated with sneakers giant Nike, Off-White is famous for updating streetwear with a polished flair. With Abloh’s creative direction, Off-White could transform future Olympians into hipster athletes.


5. Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

Finally, Calvin Klein — another iconic American brand — is going through a renaissance courtesy of Belgian designer Raf Simons, its new creative director. Simons has revamped the minimalistic brand with a youthful energy, which is just what the American Olympics uniform needs. We think the new Calvin Klein 205W39NYC label could bring a sense of freshness to future Olympic Games.


Which designer would you choose to create the American Olympics uniform? Sound off in the comments.

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