Survey Says: These Are Americans’ Favorite Sex Positions

Survey Says: These Are Americans’ Favorite Sex Positions

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Ever catch yourself wondering what Americans’ favorite sex positions are? And whether your preferences are a part of the status quo, or a little more outside the box? Well, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Evan Goldstein and Bespoke Surgical, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

Bespoke, a New York-based, private proctological and anal plastic surgery practice, recently surveyed 1,000 Americans across various demographics (including sexual orientation and age) to figure out favorite sex positions according to orientation.

Here’s what they found, in one handy graphic:

Twenty-two percent of gay and lesbian individuals prefer the lotus position, followed by doggy style (16%), cowboy/cowgirl (13%), bodyguard (11%), and flatiron (9%).

Missionary is the most popular position (21%) of bisexual survey respondents, followed by doggy-style (20%), cowboy/cowgirl (13%), spooning (10%), and bodyguard or butterfly (both at 7%). Lastly, the top three favorite sex positions of straight individuals are doggy-style (26%), missionary (21%), and cowboy/cowgirl (19%).

Apart from favorite sex positions, the survey also looked into the top searched sex position in every state (wheelbarrow in New York, cliff diver in California, pretzel in Texas), preferred toys for sex, and favorite alternative settings — in the home — for sex, with the shower being by far the most popular.

Dr. Evan Goldstein, founder and CEO of Bespoke, had this to say about the survey’s findings:

“The results of this new Bespoke Surgical survey are really enlightening and show we’ve been spending the past year researching — and trying — a wide range of sexual positions. We were impressed by a few aspects of the results, including the range of positions Americans are utilizing in their sexual arsenal, especially a rise in anal engagement. We hope Americans continue to explore both their and their partners’ bodies in healthy, positive ways.”

Are you surprised by Americans’ favorite sex positions? What’s yours?

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