New Surveys Reveal Details on How Gay Men Commit Infidelity and Have Anal Sex

New Surveys Reveal Details on How Gay Men Commit Infidelity and Have Anal Sex

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Two new surveys have revealed startling insights into anal sex and infidelity among gay men. The anal sex infidelity surveys offer clues into how gay men navigate emotional and physical relationships.

Findings from the anal sex infidelity surveys

FS, a gay and bisexual men’s health magazine, asked 1,000 readers about infidelity. Approximately 58% of the gay and bi male respondents said that they’d previously had a partner who’d committed infidelity or “cheated.” Approximately 51% said that they’d been unfaithful themselves and 57% said that their experiences with infidelity impacted their future relationships.

While 61% of the men surveyed said that they would break up with an unfaithful partner, the men differed widely as to what they consider “cheating.”

While 79% to 74% of respondents considered anal sex, oral sex and mutual masturbation “cheating,” only two-thirds considered kissing as such and only 55% considered using hook-up apps as infidelity. About 43% considered sharing sexual images as cheating. Only 18% considered flirting as cheating.

Interestingly, 68% said they consider breaking the rules of an open relationship cheating and 62% considered emotional intimacy with another person as cheating. “Emotional cheating” can include investing time and intimacy into another person without a significant other’s knowledge.

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A separate online survey by Bespoke Surgical, an anal cosmetic surgery center located in New York City and Los Angeles, asked 600 Americans, including gay men and straight women, about their anal sex habits.

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Of the men, 39% said they preferred topping, 33% preferred sexual versatility and 29% preferred bottoming. The survey found 13% of the gay male respondents reported having anal sex every day, 39% reported having anal sex a couple times a week and 24% said they had anal sex only a couple times a month.

The report on the survey results adds, “Only 42% of gay male respondents report always or frequently using an anal cleanser beforehand, while 38% rarely or never do. 21% sometimes do so.” Whether the men douched beforehand or not, 78% of all respondents said that they “think about hygiene always or most of the time during anal sex.”

Lastly, 41% experienced an anal tear during sex and an equal amount used an anal toy before sex to prepare.


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