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Anthony Scaramucci Insists He’s Been a Gay Rights Activist His Whole Life, and He’s Not Wrong

Anthony Scaramucci Insists He’s Been a Gay Rights Activist His Whole Life, and He’s Not Wrong

Written by Matt Keeley on February 02, 2018
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Yesterday, TMZ reported that Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s former communications director, was going to star in a Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile, though it was pulled at the last minute. Today, TMZ caught up with “The Mooch” to ask him about the T-Mobile spot, which resulted in him saying, out of nowhere, “I’ve been a gay rights activist my whole life!” But do the words “Anthony Scaramucci gay rights” go together at all?

In the video, Scaramucci says he suspects the T-Mobile advertisement was killed over politics. “I don’t know, we’re in a very polarized society right now. So, my guess is that it’s a combination of things, but the weird thing is, I’ve been a gay rights activist my whole life. So, because I sided with Trump on the election, I guess I don’t get any credit for that. So. I’m actually a mixed-bag politically and quite centrist. But that’s OK. That’s their decision, no big deal.”

To be fair to Scaramucci, he has been pro-LGBT; in fact, during his (very brief) tenure as Trump’s communications director, people hoped that perhaps he could change the tide of the Administration. He’s said multiple times — including after Trump was elected — that he’s for marriage equality. Scaramucci has said that he’s a gay rights activist many times, saying:

I’m also a gay rights activist. You can look it up. I’ve given to American Unity PAC, I’ve given to the Human Rights Campaign, I’m for marriage equality. And by the way, [Trump will] be the first American president in U.S. history that enters the White House with a pro-gay rights stance.

So, with his comments about Trump having “a pro-gay rights stance” — was Scaramucci hopeful or trying to sell Trump to centrists? After all, Trump’s policies have been anything but pro-LGBT. Either way, in our eyes, though Scaramucci has been an ally, he’s lost quite a few points for aligning himself with Trump, regardless if he wanted to affect change from the inside.


Watch the Anthony Scaramucci gay rights video below:

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