We Finally Know the World’s Average Penis Size, Despite Men Who Lie About Their Junk

We Finally Know the World’s Average Penis Size, Despite Men Who Lie About Their Junk

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Ever wondered about the average penis size? Of course you have. Well, finding an accurate number can be tricky, because many studies depend on self-reporting, a flawed methodology (duh) that often leads to people over-reporting their actual sizes.

But the World Penis Data website is trying to cut through the bad methodology and determine an actual average penis size by averaging up measurements from different worldwide studies and separating the results based on whether the measurements were self-reported or objectively measured in a laboratory setting.

Through a bunch of statistical analysis, the website determined that the average length of a flaccid or erect penis varies a quarter of an inch to half an inch, depending on whether the length is self-reported or objectively measured.

Here are the averages the World Penis Database came up with:

Unsurprisingly, when men were asked to self-report their penis sizes, they typically reported them as larger. Oh, men. How predictable.

Also unsurprisingly, researchers found the longer a penis is, the larger its circumference (or girth).

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Various penis-size studies over the past few years have always (ahem) come up short.

One study tried to figure out which English-speaking country lied most often about their penis size. They asked 953 men, “What is the size of your penis?” and 762 women, “What was the size of the penis of the last man you had sex with?” It’s unclear whether any of these women and men had actually slept together and whether the male or female estimates were even accurate thanks to — you guessed it — self-reporting.

Another flawed study tried to determine the average penis length by asking 3,037 sexually active millenials between ages 18 and 34 to self-report their penis length. The results, however inaccurate, only reflected the average self-reported size of men in that age group. Meanwhile, older penises tend to be shorter because penises typically shrink as men age.


What do you think about this data on average penis size? Sound off in the comments.

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