5 Hairstyles That Should Have Been Banned Before the ‘Meet Me at McDonald’s’ Haircut

5 Hairstyles That Should Have Been Banned Before the ‘Meet Me at McDonald’s’ Haircut

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An 80s-retro “Meet Me at McDonald’s” style of haircut is causing controversy in the community of Norfolk, England. The McDonald’s haircut features short sides with a floppy, tousled mop of hair on top. While the origins of the name “Meet Me at McDonald’s” remain unknown, the style is strangely popular among many Norfolk boys.

However, Barry Smith, the headmaster of the Great Yarmouth Charter Academy, is no fan of the McDonald’s haircut. Smith, known for his strict rulings, told parents their children will be sent home if they turned up wearing the popular hairstyle.

It wasn’t just the McDonald’s haircut that raised Smith’s ire. He also has deemed the following haircuts unacceptable:

Whether Smith truly hates any high-top hairstyle or simply has great fashion taste, his decision caused an uproar. Many parents described Smith’s ruling as “unfair and discriminatory” and called his policy “silly.”

We’re #TeamParents on this one. While we’re not huge fans of the Meet Me at McDonald’s, the ban is “unfair,” “discriminatory” and “silly.” After all, there are way worse hairstyles Smith didn’t even bring up. Seriously, if he truly cared about his students, he’d have banned these ones. Here are the dos we’d ban if we were in charge. And if you’re wearing one of these — we recommend following Wesley Willis’ advice about mullets — “tell the barber that you’re sick of looking like an asshole.”

1. Man Bun

Thankfully, the Man Bun is finally, albeit slowly, dropping in popularity over the last couple of years. But you still see people occasionally wearing them. Please, just stop. And if you’re attached to your man bun, just call it what it is: a bun. Stop shoving “man” in front of things!

2. Bowl Cut

If you’re a four-year-old boy, you’ll look adorable in a bowl cut. However, if you’re any older than that — it’s a hard pass. You’re a grown-ass man. Look like it.

3. Hitler Youth

Look, we don’t care if he commissioned Hugo Boss to design his uniforms: Hitler is never a style icon. Seriously. You might think this preppy look will never go out of style, but you’re wrong. And if you’re pairing it with white polo shirts, khaki pants and New Balance sneakers, your life has gone very wrong somewhere.

4. Mullet

Billy Ray Cyrus moved on. So should you.

5. The Trump

Even aside from its loathsome owner, this hairstyle is just vile. We’re not gonna say comb-overs never work (though, let’s be honest, comb-overs never work), this method lacks both style and substance. After all, a comb-over’s one job is to hide the fact that you’re bald. But with the Trump look, his hair is so thin, it’s basically transparent. There’s exactly one person who doesn’t realize that Trump’s bald — and he’s probably on his fourth Big Mac of the day.

What do you think of the Meet Me At McDonald’s haircut ban in school? Sound off in the comments section below!


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