Gag on This: Our 14 Favorite ‘Snatch Game’ Performances from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Herstory

Gag on This: Our 14 Favorite ‘Snatch Game’ Performances from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Herstory

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Get ready! It’s time to countdown our favorite performances from our very favorite segment on our all-time favorite show! That’s right: We’re ranking the very best Snatch Game impressions, henny!

Fourteen queens stand before you, ranked in order from good to great to the very best. Enjoy!


14. Sasha Velour as Marlene Dietrich (Season 9)

Sasha managed to take a character from the past that may not have been as well-known as some of the others and still make her really funny. Ru noted that her jokes were long but still couldn’t stop laughing. Those lengthy jokes and brilliant references landed her in the number 14 spot on our countdown of 14, but she can take it — after all, she did win Season 9.

Best Line: “You know, when I wear a suit people look at me and they say, ‘Marlene, are you a lesbian?’ and I look at them and I say … yes.”


13. Alyssa Edwards as Joan Crawford (All Stars 2)

On All Stars 2 Alyssa made a huge improvement from her first Snatch Game appearance, and this time what she did for Snatch Game made Ru laugh — a lot. Her impersonation was the perfect mixture of Joan Crawford and Alyssa Edwards. I mean, it was basically just Alyssa Edwards spitting famous Joan Crawford lines, but it made for one of the best Snatch Game performances of all time.

Best Line:  “I’ve fought worse monsters for years in Hollywood.”


12. Derrick Barry as Britney Spears (Season 8)

It should be no surprise that a Britney impersonator does an excellent Britney impersonation, but Derrick’s hilarious delivery in Snatch Game can’t go unnoticed. He was everything we need from Brit Brit: funny, ditsy and very diva. Derrick got in several good lines, proving that he too can be a comedy queen. Derrick’s ability to make his impersonation funny landed him in our number 12 spot.

Best Line: “I don’t wear panties either, especially when I get out of cars.”


11. Sharon Needles as Michelle Visage (Season 4)

Sharon nailed this Michelle impersonation, sporting big hair, big boobs and the perfect number of RuPaul references. She knew her character and her audience, as pulling off Ru’s BFF is no easy feat. Sharon’s silly antics and comedy skills landed the Season 4 winner at number 11 on our list of best Snatch Game performances.

Best Line: “We were on uppers, downers and candy corn!”


10. Katya as Björk (All Stars 2)

Katya won this challenge by playing a hilariously weird, confusing Björk … or, in other words, Björk. She was so committed to the bit that she literally started eating paper, and Ru figuratively ate up her performance. Katya’s embodiment of weird was funny enough to secure a Snatch Game win and a number 10 spot in our countdown.

Best Line: [blows bubbles]


9. Ginger Minj as Adele (Season 7)

Ginger won Snatch Game in the only tie in Snatch Game history! She portrayed a hilariously unbothered yet confused Adele, dropping one-liners every chance she got. Minj also came through with the props, even bringing food so she could talk with her mouth full. Make no mistake, Ginger killed this challenge, placing number one in her season and number nine on our list.

Best Line: [After being asked where in England she was from] “My house.”


8. Bob the Drag Queen as Uzo Aduba and Carol Channing (Season 8)

Bob‘s risk-taking paid off, as the choice to impersonate two different people landed her the win. She played both characters perfectly and slayed it! Even Bob’s mannerisms were funny and consistent —  she never stopped talking to herself. Bob’s comedy queen hilarity earns him number eight — appropriate for the winner of Season 8.

Best Line: “I just wrote corn. It comes out the way you put it in.”


7. Nina Bonina Brown as Jasmine Masters (Season 9)

When it comes to portraying Jasmine Masters, Nina is a master, and she could have easily won Snatch Game if not for Alexis Michelle’s spot-on Liza impersonation. Nina delivered a smart line for every one of Ru’s questions, and each one sounded exactly like something Jasmine would say. Nina’s spot-on impersonation and sickening lines place her dead in the middle at number seven on our list.

Best Line: [When asked what season she was on] “Does it matter? Did I win?”


6. BenDeLaCreme as Paul Lynde (All Stars 3)

Once again, Ben managed to take a character that many young’uns might not know and completely turn it out. Ben won this challenge the same way he won his season: by stealing the show with non-stop one-liners. Ben’s choice was the right one; it won him the challenge and places him at number six on our countdown of best Snatch Game performances.

Best Line: [To Kristin Chenoweth] “None of these queens are gonna do ya.”


5. Bianca Del Rio as Judge Judy (Season 6)

Bianca picked an iconic character (who happens to host RuPaul’s favorite TV show) and gave an even more iconic performance. She got the look down, nailed the one-liners (no surprise there) and even came with props! Speaking of, props to Bianca for almost winning. Her quick wit and nonstop reads land her at number five on our roundup.

Best Line: “Baloney!”


4. Kennedy Davenport as Little Richard (Season 7)

Kennedy took a big risk playing a male character in Snatch Game, but needless to say, it paid off! She won this challenge with her amazing vocals and a performance that shined brighter than the gold sequins she was wearing. Kennedy’s risk-taking and sing-songy punchlines secure her spot as the fourth best Snatch Game performance of all time.

Best Line: “Shut Up!”


3. Alaska Thunderfuck as Mae West (All Stars 2)

Alaska won this challenge by channeling Mae West in looks and sexual energy. She served us one sickening pun after another, and we lived for it! She was always ready to fire a joke at Ru, and her constant hilarity lands Alaska at number three on our list.

Best Line: [After being asked why she goes to the clinic] “’Cause after your 10th visit, you get one free.”


2. BenDeLaCreme as Dame Maggie Smith (Season 6)

Ben secured this win by proving his ability to make a rather hard character hilarious. He showed his quick-wittedness with comebacks and one-liners that easily put the other dames to shame. Ru was dying, and Ben’s makeup made it seem like he could leave this earth at any minute. Ben’s ability to both crack jokes and serve an accurate look places him at number two on our list.

Best Line: “We originated the language!”


1. Chad Michaels as Cher (Season 4)

Chad served “Gypsies, Tramps and Weaves” realness by changing her wig not once, not twice but three times and managing to serve an on-point Cher look with each one. Her one-liners were dead on, and she came out the clear winner … but then again, does Cher ever lose? Chad’s hilarious delivery earned him the number one spot on our countdown of the best Snatch Game performances.

Best Line: “I’m Cher, bitch!”


What do you think of our best Snatch Game picks? Let us know in the comments!

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