This Week’s Must-Haves: Calvin Klein Briefs, David Beckham Grooming Products and Sexy Tube Socks

This Week’s Must-Haves: Calvin Klein Briefs, David Beckham Grooming Products and Sexy Tube Socks

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Calvin Klein just launched a new underwear capsule collection. David Beckham also unveiled his eponymous grooming products line recently. Want to sport the latest runway trend without breaking the bank? We’ve got you. From high-tech wearables to easy DIY home decor, here are our must-haves for the week.


Calvin Klein x Andy Warhol Kiss, 1963 Capsule Collection

Calvin Klein loves to seduce fans with provocative underwear ads. From the classic Marky Mark crotch-shot to the racy Kardashian clan’s photoshoot, they know how to tease us. And now, Calvin Klein has introduced a capsule collection featuring prints of stills from Andy Warhol’s experimental 1963 film Kiss. 

As part of Calvin Klein’s ongoing partnership with the Andy Warhol Foundation For the Visual Arts, this capsule collection offers a wide selection of classic Calvin Klein underwear styles with the iconic kissing image. From briefs to unisex tee-shirts, look hip with these limited edition undies. $32-45 from 


House 99 by David Beckham

Soccer superstar David Beckham recently unveiled his latest venture: House 99 by David Beckham. His new grooming line includes 13 products inspired by British barbershop culture. It has everything from beard and hair balm, lightweight moisturizer and pomade designed to control your hair, even through humidity and sweat. Now it’s easy to look confident with House 99 by David Beckham. $25-30 from 

Philips SmartSleep

If having a good night’s sleep is essential to you — and it should be! — Philips SmartSleep claims this newest wearable device can improve your deep sleep. This headgear comes with two small sensors that detect periods of slow-wave sleep. It then intervenes with clinically proven technology to boost deep rest. Once SmartSleep detects deep sleep, speakers on the headband will start playing white noise in a slowly repeating pattern. $400, coming in spring from 


Danya B. Stainless Steel Multicolor Hook Rack

This multi-hook rack is a fun way to update your decor while creating more space. It’s easy to set up the frame in your entryway or bedroom. This stainless-steel set also has sturdy hooks capable of holding outerwear, bags and accessories. Plus, the multicolor vibe gives your place a contemporary look. $26.99 from 


Logo Socks by Breedwell

High knee socks are making a comeback in recent Spring/Summer menswear shows. Prada and Givenchy all showed an expensive version of this style. However, you can look hot and on trend without breaking the bank with these logo socks by Breedwell, made of durable cotton. Breedwell socks are perfect for dancing the night away… or plowing through dark, sweaty places. Available in 5 colors: red, green, blue, yellow and black. $14.95 from 



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