Our 5 Current Obsessions: Nap With Casper, 5 In 1 Tool Pen and Graphic Tank by Parke & Ronen

Our 5 Current Obsessions: Nap With Casper, 5 In 1 Tool Pen and Graphic Tank by Parke & Ronen

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Nap in style with Casper, the online mattress start-up or zig-zag through your neighborhood on a Tesla-powered Vespa scooter. From bold fashion choices to innovative gadgets, here are this week’s current obsessions.

1. The Dreamery by Casper

Casper disrupted the mattress industry. Now, this start-up company wants you to take naps seriously. At Casper’s new storefront in New York’s Soho neighborhood, you can get a 45-minute nap session for just $25. What do you get for your money? You’ll nap in a “Casper Nook,” complete with a Casper mattress. You’ll also get designer pajamas, socks and an eye mask to sleep in. And, of course, you get free beverages, a toothbrush set and even relaxing sounds to help you peacefully slumber. $25 per session, dreamerybycasper.com 

2. Vespa Segway Z-Scooter

There’s nothing more iconic than a Vespa scooter — and this updated hybrid model is definitely in line with what we expect from the brand. The Z-Scooter also boasts a Tesla Model S super lithium battery, which lets you go up to 12 miles per hour on a single four-hour charge. Accelerate and decelerate simply be leaning forward or backward. Beautiful and functional, this is perfect for the busy guy who doesn’t have time to walk like the rest of us suckers. $7,000, z-scooter.com 

3. Rolling duffles

Arc’teryx Veilance, the Canadian luggage company, just revealed its latest invention, the V80 and V110 rolling duffles. The unique external-frame design  increases capacity without adding weight. It’s also weather-resistant and sure to make your next trip a breeze. V80, $425, V110, $450, arcteryx.com 

4. 5-in-1 Tool Pen

Multi-functional tools always get our attention, and this 5-in-1 tool pen is no different. Not just an average pen, it also features two screwdriver heads, a bubble level and a ruler. $25, uncommongoods.com 

5. Jungle tiger print mesh tank top by Parke and Ronen

This summer fashion doesn’t have to be plain and boring. This vibrant jungle tiger print tank from Parke and Ronen features breathable mesh fabric and a flattering fit. And that graphic is definitely a bold fashion statement. $75, parkeandronen.com 



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