The All Stars Chop: The Fourth Queen Gone Discusses Her Growth as a Queen and Who She’s Rooting For

The All Stars Chop: The Fourth Queen Gone Discusses Her Growth as a Queen and Who She’s Rooting For

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You can’t not root for Chi Chi DeVayne. Ms. Louisiana Glamour herself came back to TV with RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 and it was definitely Chi Chi 2.0. While she didn’t snatch the All Stars crown this time, she played the game fairly, and this Southern queen kept it classy the whole time. In our Chi Chi DeVayne All Stars 3 exit interview, we chat with her post-elimination about her tenure on the show, returning so soon after her own season and her feelings on Season 8 frenemy Thorgy Thor.

Check out our Chi Chi DeVayne All Stars 3 exit interview:

What made you go back for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3? Your season was not even two full seasons ago, and to some it may seem like a quick turnaround.

I really didn’t feel like I had anything to prove. I made it to the top four on Season 8, and I was very happy with that. I kept getting messages from fans about doing All Stars 3, and I literally went back for the fans. Also, I mean, if you get a call from Drag Race, how are you gonna say no, right?

When you hit the workroom who were you most surprised not to see?

I was definitely surprised to not see Trinity K. Bonet. She had been campaigning all year for All Stars 3, so I thought she would be there. I adore her.

Thorgy Thor was a fellow cast member on Season 8 and was also eliminated from All Stars 3. She seemed somewhat prickly about her experience on Season 8 when she came back for All Stars, and her elimination was controversial. Do you think she has truly gotten past Season 8 events?

Thorgy is never over anything. She’s a worry wart and always thinks about everything. She is definitely not over Season 8, and I can almost guarantee you she is equally wrecked about All Stars 3. [Laughs]

Your drag has had a true evolution in the short period of time since you initially hit the workroom in Season 8. Do you think you were truly ready for All Stars, or would you have rather waited a bit longer?

Looking at it now I was not as prepared as I should have been, but I went in and did the best I could. If I look at the whole thing now, I should have shot for All Stars 4. I can’t predict the future, though, so I had to go back when I was asked.

You did some challenges on All Stars that really took you out of your comfort zone. How did it feel to compete in some challenges you didn’t have the chance to dive into on your own season?

It was uncomfortable, but I love doing different things. It was very fast-paced, and my mind almost couldn’t keep up. I would always think of things to do the day after.

Who do you think could really snatch the crown on All Stars 3?

I am rooting for Kennedy Davenport, of course. That is my road dog, my good Judy, and I hope she shows them how a Southern dancin’ queen can do it!

When you look back on All Stars 3, what do you think was the biggest change from Season 8 with your drag aesthetic?

I am definitely studying details much more. I am just studying different styles of drag, and I am trying to study other queens. For example, I am really looking at queens like Aja and Milk to keep my own drag current. Where I’m from in Shreveport, Louisiana, we don’t really have any fashion. Now I am studying and researching and looking at other girls for inspiration for my own looks. That is what has changed; I am really paying attention to other queens.

There’s another twist coming up this season. Did it surprise you as much as other twists have?

Yes. I am always shocked by the twists. I never dig too deep to find out what they have planned, but when it comes at us, I am always shocked.

What keeps Chi Chi DeVayne inspired and motivated?

Honestly, it’s my family that keeps me both positive and inspired. I have done a lot of traveling, and whenever I come home and talk to my mother and brother, to see them beaming with joy, that is what inspires me. Having a solid family background keeps me motivated for sure.


RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 airs Thursday nights on VH1.

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