If Being Gay Were Actually a Choice, This Is What Some Straight Guys Would Choose

If Being Gay Were Actually a Choice, This Is What Some Straight Guys Would Choose

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It’s time for some more burning questions answered by straight guys! This time, the topic at hand is whether, if it was a choice to be gay — which, let’s be clear, IT’S NOT — on what side would straight guys fall? Their answers may surprise you!

Recently Reddit u/gyromancy posed a question to r/AskMen: “I’m a gay man, and I’ve been asked by many different people if I would turn straight if I had the option to. I haven’t heard the reverse question asked before, though. I’m curious how many straight men would become gay if they could and how many would choose to stay straight, and why.”

An interesting mix of answers to the ‘If it were a choice to be gay …’ question followed. Here are a few that caught our attention.

One user changed the terms of the question but had a great response nonetheless: “If I was given the third option to be Bi I think I would choose that. Almost all of the times I’ve been hit on have been by attractive men. I find it very rare to have women overtly hit on me and take charge. Often I’ll shake my fists at the heavens asking why I can’t find these dudes sexually attractive, instead having to contend myself with the stereotypical gender roles that I need to take on while dating women.”

In fact, a lot of straight guys when faced with this ‘choice to be gay’ conundrum seemed to have a similar answer. Another user wrote, “No, I like women way too much to give them up. Bi? Maybe.” And yet another decided right then and there that this could be an easy switch: “HELLL NOO. I’d b Bi yk get the best of both worlds. Fuck it imma b bi. Let’s do this.”

(I don’t think that’s how it works, but you know what? Who am I to stop your fun?)

Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’: Do you think he’s contemplating what he’d choose if it were a choice to be gay?

Some guys, however, just didn’t want to stray from the familiar. One user said, “No. I don’t need to add an extra element of difficultly to my life. It’s weird though, I’m not white but I also wouldn’t choose to be white if I could. I guess I’m just more comfortable with what I know.”

And while we may occasionally make fun of straight men for being generally clueless, it turns out some of them do have an idea of the injustices LGBTQ folks face. Check what this Reddit user had to say when asked if he’d choose to be gay if it were a choice to be gay: “No. I don’t think I would do any better as a gay guy and I don’t need the judgement of people who don’t know how to mind their own business as a bonus. There’s so many people that have a problem with gay folks, I don’t think I could deal.”

Another user echoed that sentiment, writing, “I don’t think anyone would willingly sign up for what the LBGTQI+ community has to go through.”

But one user didn’t completely hate the idea: “My best friend and I went through our divorces at almost the same time. I’d be lying if I said the thought of shackin’ up with my bro didn’t cross my mind once.”

And another guy was all for it: “Fucking right I would. Imagine having a partner that liked camping, fishing and football. That would be awesome.”

(We also don’t think there’s a law that states camping, fishing, and football are activities reserved for dudes, but again, we digress.)

Read the rest of the answers here.

Would you change your sexuality if you could? If it was a choice to be gay or straight or anything in-between, what would you choose?

This article was originally published on December 29, 2020. It has since been updated.

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