This Thread About Bringing the Crop Top Back for Men Is Exactly What the World Needs

This Thread About Bringing the Crop Top Back for Men Is Exactly What the World Needs

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Recently, Reddit user Adcro asked for a simple request in the ‘GayBros’ subreddit forum. “Dear 1980s, can we please have loose crop tops on boys again? Thanks x.” And it was accompanied by the following image.


Sexy? We know. But what started as one simple request turned into a 100 comment conversation on crop tops for men in no less than 24 hours. Some of the response we anti-crop top, and few were downright mean, but the majority of man were living for the idea of a crop top comeback.

Check out some of our favorite responses to the debate on crop tops for men.

Those goddam Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers, man. They controlled fashion for decades.

When the Baby Boomers were young and hot– in the 60s and 70s– fashion kept getting more and more revealing. Tucked shirts, speedos at the pool, short-shorts, and crop tops.

Then the Baby Boom hit their 40s, and they weren’t feeling so good about their bodies anymore. Suddenly it was the baggy look. Shorts around the knees. Untucked shirts to hide the belly. Loose fitting jeans to hide the spreading ass.

Gen-X was just starting to get hot in those years, but there just weren’t enough of us. Baby Boomers had the money and the numbers. So we just got stuck with their fashions.



Obey the crop top. Bow down to the crop top.

As someone who lives in Texas where summer days can regularly push into the upper 90’s to early 100’s, I welcome our new crop top overlords.


Your husband is a true hero.

My husband (straight man) plays competitive flag football and ONLY wears crop tops. He gets shit from people on the field constantly! He says he does it bc 1) they are hella comfortable and 2) his opponents immediately underestimate him when they see his crop top and pink shorts.




Practice what you preach.

Be the change you want to see in the world.



Show me that trail.

Bonus points if there’s body hair.


Calling all twinks!

Well let the twinks here agree to wear crop tops on Fridays, we’ll see if it takes off. pun intended




I mean I know that this is a sub for homosexual men and I don’t want to be rude but that top is kinda gay.



Images via Tumblr, @croptopsareforguys





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