Be My Crypto Valentine: 10 Actual Ways to Use Cryptocurrency on V-Day

Be My Crypto Valentine: 10 Actual Ways to Use Cryptocurrency on V-Day

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So you’ve made some money in cryptocurrency? Not too shabby. You’ve seen the market skyrocket and plummet, only to soar yet again, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Maybe it’s time I spend some of my crypto earnings.” Maybe you’re even thinking you should spend some of your crypto on someone else, and this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do so. Who’s your cryptocurrency valentine?

Here are 10 actual ways you can use cryptocurrency on Valentine’s Day.


1. Book a romantic getaway.

Both Expedia and accept crypto as payment. So why not book a cheap getaway somewhere romantic? Escape the cold for a little bit and get somewhere with a warm, sandy beach.


2. Go the Gift Card route.

You may not be able to buy a Target, Dunkin Donuts or Besrt Buy gift card using Bitcoin directly, but you can go through Egifter, which offers gift cards to everyone’s favorite places and guilty pleasures.


3. Spring for a diamond.

Or any form of jewelry, for that matter, because what gay man doesn’t like something that sparkles? Reed’s Jewelry accepts cryptocurrency. While they have a over a dozen brick-and-mortar stores, you can shop online, too. Reed’s even has a Valentine’s Day collection.


4. Sexy adult entertainment can spice up V-Day with your cryptocurrency valentine.

Naughty America has joined in accepting Bitcoin. And while you may be thinking to yourself, “Who actually buys porn anymore?” Valentine’s Day is a special occasion! You don’t want to stream three and half minutes of blurry amateur porn, do you? It’s your special day. You want 21 minutes of high-quality porn played on the big screen while you two go at it. No buffering. No nonsense.

And, yeah, Naughty America offers straight porn. But as a 2016 study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior found, 55% of gay men reported watching straight porn in the past six months. So maybe that’s you and your man? If not, maybe it’s worth a shot to see why so many other gay guys are into it.  


5. Opt for something super fancy. is similar to Etsy in that it sells various shirts, mugs and knick-knacks that you’d never buy for yourself but that make perfect gifts. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re trying to go a more traditional gift route with your hubby this year.

6. Or maybe just a pizza?

Are you not the fancy type? Is a five-course meal not your style? Maybe even the act of putting on pants is too much for you and your man. Luckily, some hilarious genius created the site You can order Dominos, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s (but don’t order Papa John’s) straight to your door so you and your cryptocurrency valentine can feast like kings. Currently the site accepts over 50 types of crypto.


7. Get your cryptocurrency valentine some electronics.

Is your man a gamer? If so, you can buy him any new game console on The site also sells TVs, computers and pretty much any other electronic device you could possibly want to gift your man come Feb. 14.


8. Maybe he’d prefer fitness equipment.

Was his New Year’s resolution to get into better shape? Why not help him along? In addition to electronics, Newegg sells an assortment of fitness, sports and health equipment. (Fair warning: Only gift him equipment if he mentioned he wanted something fitness-related. Otherwise you’re sure to come off like a shady bitch!)


9. Get him something out of this world.

How well did you do with crypto? If you happen to now have a spare quarter-million to burn, you can book a trip into space with Virgin Galactic in the upcoming year (assuming the date doesn’t get pushed again). On its website, Virgin Galactic happily claims, “One future astronaut, a female flight attendant from Hawaii, has already purchased her Virgin Galactic ticket using bitcoins, and we expect many more to follow in her footsteps.” I mean, a flight through space would no doubt be a gift he never forgets. 


10. Maybe you should just keep it classic with flowers.

If your inspiration is nonexistent — or maybe he’s an old-school type of cryptocurrency valentine — use your Bitcoin to buy him flowers from The site has actually been accepting Bitcoin since July of 2014. You can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of roses, right?


The LGBT Foundation launched on Jan. 12, 2018, aiming to capitalize on the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency  —  alongside other technological innovations  —  for the good of the global LGBT community. For more information, visit this website or follow the foundation on Twitter.


Featured image by BogdanBrasoveanu via iStock

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