Bespoke Poppers Brand Double Scorpio Just Dropped This Hilarious Vintage Infomercial

Bespoke Poppers Brand Double Scorpio Just Dropped This Hilarious Vintage Infomercial

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As an ode to the late-night infomercials you’d watch as a teen when it seemed there was nothing else on, our favorite bespoke poppers VHS cleaner brand just made a faux TV spot of its very own. The new Double Scorpio infomercial is the perfect ad campaign for this cheeky brand, based in Texas and serving the queer community’s need for an outside-the-box take on its all-time favorite inhalant.

In only a year and a half, Double Scorpio has made its presence known from the seedy streets of Brooklyn to the back alleys of annual kinkfest Folsom Street Fair. But in an attempt to blast its brand message — that high-quality poppers VHS cleaner with natural scents are what you’ve been waiting for — the Double Scorpio infomercial aims to school you on all of its products’ uses.

The infomercial (written and directed by Jeremy von Stilb and Michael Lukenbill) stars gender-fluid internet sensation Freckle, who you may know from a scene-stealing stint on the web series The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo and appearances on the cable comedy series Search Party. Here, though, Freckle is fully committed to the promotion and sale of poppers VHS cleaner to keep your collection of naughty films in tip-top shape.

“As a woman who enjoys a crystal clear picture on her television screen, but also suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, I think there’s nothing worse than a dirty VHS tape,” Freckle says. “And if you’re like me and your psychiatrist doesn’t take Blue Cross Blue Shield, dirt can be a real problem.”

Now, sure, poppers VHS cleaner is most often used by gay men to enhance sexytimes, but let’s not shrug off the other uses for the pungent liquid. As the Double Scorpio infomercial schools us, it’s also great for cleaning the tubing on your smoke machine! And as a nail polish remover!

Whatever your use for poppers VHS cleaner, as the infomercial says, Double Scorpio is “strong enough for a man, PH balanced for a real bitch.”

Watch the Double Scorpio infomercial, starring Freckle, here:

What do you think of the Double Scorpio infomercial? Are you ready to get yourself some bespoke poppers?

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