Gag on the New ‘Drag Race Thailand’ Supertrailer and Get Your First Look at the Show

Gag on the New ‘Drag Race Thailand’ Supertrailer and Get Your First Look at the Show

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It’s no secret that we’re totally geeking out about the new Drag Race Thailand series. It’s the first official international Drag Race spinoff to actually happen. (A German version was planned, but couldn’t get off the ground.) We’ve been sharing the latest information, but now, we’re happy to report there’s a great new Drag Race Thailand trailer! How great is it? It’s officially a “supertrailer!”

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Admittedly, it helps if you know how to understand Thai — there are no English subtitles. There’s only a little bit of English in the trailer at all — most notably the phrase, “Don’t fuck it up!” But even if you don’t know Thai, the video’s worth watching.

We get a few glimpses of some of the outfits to come down the runway. Our favorite might be this cardboard paper-doll-inspired look:

Though we’ve seen a number of behind-the-scenes photos this is our first look at the set put together. We’ve got to say, it looks great.

In our interview with Drag Race Thailand host Pangina Heals, he said “They’re under a lot of stress and pressure, so obviously they cry. But I cry, too.” And we can see what he means. From only the two minutes of footage the Drag Race Thailand trailer gives us, we can tell the queens have a lot to do — but they all seem to be completely nailing it!

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The only question we have left is: What’s Thai for “Chantay, you stay?” Because we can tell Drag Race Thailand will be sticking around for a long time.


Watch the new Drag Race Thailand trailer below:

Check back with us here at Hornet for continued coverage of all things Drag Race Thailand.

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