Yep, This Exists: 5 Places You Can Proudly Wear Nike’s New Fanny Pack Sandal

Yep, This Exists: 5 Places You Can Proudly Wear Nike’s New Fanny Pack Sandal

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen truly innovative footwear. But here comes Nike with its latest invention: the Benassi JDI fanny pack sandal.

In addition to this sandal’s signature Nike soft foam sole, your feet are held down by tiny fanny packs, perfect for storing your ID, loose bills, keys or whatever else might make your pants pockets look bulky. While the fanny pack sandal is most definitely not for everyone — some will no doubt find it repulsive — we think It’s a brilliant idea.

Sure, fanny packs are considered dorky by some. But Balenciaga, Gucci, Fenty Puma,Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Ferragamo are determined they make a comeback, as each of those labels featured them in their Spring/Summer 2018 shows.

But back to the fanny pack sandal. Here are five places you can walk into wearing the Nike fanny pack sandal free of shame.


1. The airport

Going through TSA checkpoints can be such a hassle. Taking off your shoes, emptying your pockets — such a pain. But head to the airport in the fanny pack sandal (with your ID and some spare cash zipped up inside) and you’re ready to speed through the line.

2. The gym shower

Don’t even think about hopping in that public shower with bare feet. Sure, the gym shower floor is regularly cleaned … probably … but be on guard against athlete’s foot. These sandals are perfect for hitting the shower, and the pouch can easily store your locker key.

3. The beach

Long gone are the days of needing to bring your wallet to the beach. Just throw your personal essentials into the fanny pack sandal and you can relax and enjoy the sand, sun and waves without worrying about the small stuff.

4. The pool

Your itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie Speedo might be good at showing off the goods, but there’s no room inside for anything else — not even your keys. These sandals handily solve that problem. (Or should that be foot-ily?)

5. The sauna or sex club

Not every sauna offers complimentary sandals, and most sex clubs offer you little more than a hand towel to wipe yourself down. If your local favorite is holding back on the free footwear, the fanny pack sandal is a perfect for keeping a few prized possessions close at hand. You’ll never lose your locker key (or a condom + lube) when it’s safely stored on top of your foot, right?

The Benassi JDI fanny pack sandal, which runs for $50, is currently sold-out on the Nike site, but if you can’t wait until they’re re-stocked you can find them on eBay for closer to $100.

Is the new Nike fanny pack sandal gonna be part of your summer wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below.




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