This Pro Wrestler Just Made History by Incorporating LGBTQ Fans Into His Wrestlemania 34 Entrance

This Pro Wrestler Just Made History by Incorporating LGBTQ Fans Into His Wrestlemania 34 Entrance

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Considering American pro-wrestling’s disappointing and problematic history of mishandling its gay and bi characters, it’s nice to hear that Sunday night at Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans — the annual pay-per-view blowout run by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) — Irish wrestler Finn Bálor entered the main arena with members of the local LGBTQ community.

This Finn Bálor LGBTQ entourage wore his rainbow-colored T-shirts, the profits of which partially go to Gays and Lesbians Allied Against Defamation. And he didn’t turn around and mock or bodyslam any members of the entourage, either — progress!

The Wrestlemania announcers mentioned the 36-year-old wrestler’s entourage, stating, “Finn, spreading his message of inclusion: The Bálor club is for everyone. Being flanked by the LGBTQ community from New Orleans — it is Bálor club.”

It’s also progress that WWE itself tweeted the above image of Bálor and his crew in a tweet that didn’t mention the LGBTQ community but still captured the attention of pro- and anti-LGBTQ fans alike.

Here’s a video of the Finn Bálor LGBTQ entourage at Wrestlemania 34:

In an Instagram post (below) Bálor made before his Wrestlemania 34 appearance, he wrote, “For real. Forever. For-everyone. WWE is proud to announce that a portion of sales from my new shirt will benefit GLAAD. Everyone deserves to be accepted & included! #BalorClubforEveryone.”

Bálor also wore a leather jacket, wrestling trunks and boots bearing rainbow colors as well. The last time we heard about a fighter deliberately wearing rainbow gear into the ring to represent the LGBTQ community was Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz wearing pink and rainbow trimmed trunks in his November 2016 bout to become the world’s first openly gay boxing champion.

Sadly, Cruz lost that bout, just as Bálor lost his threeway bout last night against The Miz and Seth Rollins to become the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

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