20 Sexy Shots From San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair 2018 Editors' Picks

20 Sexy Shots From San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair 2018

Written by Stephan Horbelt on October 04, 2018
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Let’s be honest: What don’t you see at the Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco‘s (and the world’s) largest kink event? From guys in leather, rubber and furry getups to drag queens, daddies and sexy ladies in harnesses (or less), there was a little bit of everything roaming the streets on Sunday, Sept. 30 for Folsom Street Fair 2018.

For those who haven’t been, Folsom is more than Sunday’s sex street fair (which features refreshments of the cold beer variety, street eats and booths set up by several of the city’s most kinky establishments). And for those who haven’t been, check out our handy “Folsom for First-Timers” guide, offering five tips for navigating the big day.

Folsom weekend is basically a chance to party at every opportunity, which means several of the city’s most fun events take place at bars and club spaces around San Francisco. We previously reported on this year’s Deviants party, which tapped L.A. impresario Mario Diaz (known for parties including Big Fat Dick, Hot Dog and Full-Frontal Disco) to host the popular closing party.

But maybe you weren’t able to make it to Folsom Street Fair 2018. In that case, Hornet has you covered with some of our favorite shots from the kinkiest day of the year. Enjoy!

Check out these 21 sexy shots from Folsom Street Fair 2018:

1. You see plenty of skin at Folsom Street Fair

folsom street fair 2018 1
Photo by @dqm1961

2. The go-to Folsom uniform consists of a leather harness and a cuff or two.

folsom street fair 2018 2
Photo by @cdnlifter80

3. Or you can always just sport underwear and a backpack. That works, too!

folsom street fair 2018 3
Photo by @turbozack

4. We’re loving this “S&M Mickey” look!

folsom street fair 2018 4
Photo by @thealankelvin

5. This guy knows how to rock baby blue!

folsom street fair 2018 5
Photo by @keepin.it.raw

6. Woof!

folsom street fair 2018 6
Photo by @marklanfleshman

7. You can always tell a Folsom regular from their brilliant “kinky comfortable” style choices. This guy definitely gets it.

folsom street fair 2018 7
Photo by @marklanfleshman

8. These guys know where the party’s at. (The Eagle SF, in case you were wondering.)

folsom street fair 2018 8
Photo by @chrisbry33

9. Walking at Folsom is so gauche. We much prefer a four-“legged” ride.

folsom street fair 2018 9
Photo by @marklanfleshman

10. That’s a wrap, guys.

folsom street fair 2018 10
Photo by @shiro_hitsuji

11. Kinkwear label CellBlock 13 had quite the presence at Folsom Street Fair 2018.

folsom street fair 2018 11
Photo by @cellblock13la

12. People hanging out of windows is pretty normal on Folsom Sunday.

folsom street fair 2018 12
Photo by @huntyville_la

13. Kinksters at play.

folsom street fair 2018 13
Photo by @luke_degre

14. Sexy guys ready to get their kink on.

folsom street fair 2018 14
Photo by @kenny__kg

15. Woof times three.

folsom street fair 2018 15
Photo by @sfdimitri

16. San Francisco has “loads of love” for Folsom weekend.

folsom street fair 2018 16
Photo by @ccifuentes10

17. Sun’s out buns out, baby.

folsom street fair 2018 17
Photo by @shiro_hitsuji

18. There’s just something about a guy sporting a harness, right?

folsom street fair 2018 20
Photo by @longlarryd

19. Mask 4 mask

folsom street fair 2018 21
Photo by @gaytravel4u

20. Folsom Street Fair 2018 thanks everyone who came out to play!

folsom street fair 2018 19
Photo by @folsomstreetevents

Were you at Folsom Street Fair 2018? We wanna hear all about it!

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