Here’s How to Access a Free 24 Hours of Pornhub Premium This Valentine’s Day

Here’s How to Access a Free 24 Hours of Pornhub Premium This Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day! For some of us it’s a nice night to exchange gifts or go out with the fella. Though if you’ve had a bad experience with V-Day, or maybe you don’t have a special someone to cuddle down with, don’t worry. You can still have a great Valentine’s day, thanks to Pornhub. The streaming pornography giant has just opened its annual Valentine’s Day promotion: 24 hours of free Pornhub Premium.

There are no strings — you don’t need to put in a credit card or anything. The only step you have is signing up for a free Pornhub account [link NSFW, of course]. And if you already have one? You’re in! Not only will you get to watch the Pornhub Premium content, you’ll get full HD quality and access to their VR porn. And there’s something you won’t see: advertisements.

Thanks to the free Pornhub Premium, Valentine’s Day is a very busy day for the site. On Pornhub’s “Insights” blog, they looked at the stats from last year (link surprisingly SFW — though it’s still at and saw a 300% increase.

As you can see on the chart, if “1.0” is the average amount of traffic they get in a day, the first half of February is much lower than normal. But starting on Feb. 13, it starts to go up. And even after Valentine’s Day, the traffic stays up, and by the end of February, they’re back on track to hit the average.

Pornhub also keeps location data on their users. While Pornhub visits were up 425% in the United States, it’s Latin America that really takes advantage. The top countries are Chile (with a whopping 7288% increase!), México, Perú, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina.

They also keep track of the top searches — which mainly star women. So, come on guys, let’s show Pornhub that men are worthy of our masturbation time, too! This year, let’s make Pornhub gay again!

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