10 Unique Passive-Aggressive Gift Ideas for Your Frenemy

10 Unique Passive-Aggressive Gift Ideas for Your Frenemy

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The frenemy. We all have one — someone who would be a great friend if they weren’t so awful. But there’s enough good qualities about them you don’t want to cut them out either. So what can you do?

Do what we do — keep them around, but stay passive-aggressive! And any true master of passive-aggression knows one of the best ways is via the pointed gift. Any one of these ten gifts should do the trick!

10 passive-aggressive gifts to get a rise out of your frenemy

1. Nose hair trimmer

On the surface, it’s a great personal care kit, great for maintaining eyebrows. But it’s called a nose-hair trimmer, so you can play it off as him getting old and needing one of the most awkward of trims. $20, hammacher.com 

2. Men’s shapewear

While we’re not down with body-shaming, if your frenemy is one of those obnoxious guys quick to point out if anyone’s gained a couple, these men’s Spanx will put him in his place. $48, spanx.com 

3. Portable wine sack

What better gift to insult your alcoholic frenemy who is a fan of wine. With this, he can take wine with him wherever he goes — the park, the mall, AA meetings… $40, uncommongoods.com 

4. Facial beauty products

Never directly call your frenemy “tired” or “old.” That’ll put him on the defensive. Instead, we recommend the more subtle route of giving this Bright Lover Rubber Mask from Dr. Jart. If you’re lucky, your frenemy will even thank you for being so thoughtful! $12, sephora.com 

5. Timepiece

Sick of your “fashionably late” frenemy holding up parties? With this chic timepiece, available in eight vibrant colors, “help” him remember to check the time. $75, adidaswatches.com 

6. Colorful fanny pack

Fanny packs are back in — and with this print, it’s a nice reminder for him to take his meds. $20, shinesty.com 

7. Robotic vacuum

Perhaps your frenemy is a bit of a slob — this robotic vacuum is sleek and cleans both hard-floors and carpets, while sending a simple message: Pick up your crap for once in your life! $60, target.com 

8. Breath freshener kit

Who doesn’t appreciate a winning smile and fresh breath? (Obviously not your frenemy, otherwise he’d have this stuff already.) $20, amazingbreath.com 

9. Condom gifts basket

We are not slut-shaming anyone, we just want our frenemy to practice safe sex. See? It’s thoughtfulStarts at $46, justforguysgiftbaskets.com 

10. Face mask

Tell him you want him to protect his good looks from the winter cold and the harmful UV rays of the summer sun. Really, it’s just so you don’t have to see his stupid face ever again. $15, landsend.com  

Have you ever given your frenemy a passive-aggressive gift? Let us know what it was in the comments!

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