Shop for All Your Pride Essentials at the Second Coming of Queer L.A. Pop-Up Fruitcake

Shop for All Your Pride Essentials at the Second Coming of Queer L.A. Pop-Up Fruitcake

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With Pride season already begun and the yearly celebrations of NYC and L.A. right around the corner, you’re likely in need of “supplies.” You know, a subversive tee that’ll make those holy-roller protesters cringe; maybe a new serum so your skincare game is en pointe for the big festivities; maybe even some fabulous queer art to spruce up your loft before inviting the gang over for your annual pre-Pride celebration. All those Pride supplies — and more — will be found at Fruitcake, a queer pop-up shop taking place at Downtown L.A.’s Globe Theater on Sunday, June 3.

This weekend marks the second installment of Fruitcake, produced by L.A. nightlife king Mario Diaz (you’re likely well-familiar with his party BFD, the longest-running weekly queer event in all of Los Angeles) and L.A.-based streetwear line Lockwood51. Taking place from 11 a.m.–6 p.m., this “Gay Pride Edition” of Fruitcake is your literal one-stop shop for the work of 35 independent queer artists.

Expect to find leather goods, mugs, pins, art pieces, candles, scrubs and more — all in the spirit of Pride month and supporting the many talented queer people of L.A.’s local community.

“For me this was an opportunity to help give my friends a place to show off their work,” Diaz tells Hornet. “To help local queer artists and designers get some more exposure, and ultimately help everyone involved make a few bucks. Let’s face it, our people have great taste, and we love to shop! It’s sure to be a fun day. We felt like an all-queer pop-up was something this town was missing. Lockwood51 proposed we make it happen, and I was happy to help him get it off the ground. So here we are —round two!”

If you’re looking to attend Fruitcake this weekend, your best bet is to purchase $5 advance tickets. Tickets will be $10 at the door on Sunday, or $5 with a canned food donation. All donations will go to support the L.A. LGBT Center‘s elder outreach program.

Now let’s take a look at 10 of our favorite Fruitcake designers, artists, and vendors:

1. @lockwood51la

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