If You’re Attracted to Men But Afraid of Effeminacy and Anal Sex, You Might Be a G0Y

If You’re Attracted to Men But Afraid of Effeminacy and Anal Sex, You Might Be a G0Y

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If you’re uptight, overcompensatingly masculine and afraid of anal sex and femininity, then we’ve we got the club for you! It’s called the G0YS — not to be confused with goys (non-Jewish people) — and they’re ready to promote a homophobic brand of masculinity and gender-policing in a town near you.

What the heck are G0YS?

As their horribly designed, super-overwritten and NSFW website explains, G0YS are gay and bi men who don’t like to call themselves gay or bi because a “vile, shameless & vocal minority” has given “gay” a bad name, à la “guys in high-heels with dildos stuffed up their asses” (such is their writing style).

G0YS use a zero in their name instead of an “a”, like GAYS, because the “a” in gay apparently stands for “anal” (or something) and a zero negates that. Don’t ask us, we’re just reporting what they said.

So, if you’re a dude who feels attracted to other dudes but finds “ass-sex” and “actions that effeminize men” to be “grossly distasteful” and “absolutely repulsive to your masculine ethos,” (such “shameful disrespect” masquerading as “progressive gay-culture”), then you might be a G0Y….

… or you might just be a gay/bi dude who just hasn’t realized that there’s more to gay culture than drag queens and butt-toys: there are art, sports, community service and non-sexual male bonding, for instance. Sure, drag and sex get a majority of the press, but they’re not everything, darling.

We should also point out that there’s no reason to believe that anyone apart from the G0YS webmaster actually identifies as a G0Y. However, this brand of misogyny and sex-phobia is sadly common, even among gay and bi men.

One of the many sex- and femme-phobic images from the G0YS website.

Why are G0YS afraid of anal sex and femininity?

G0YS “reject ALL anal-fetish related acts” and they think this reduces their risk of sexually transmitted infections by 1,250,000% (a statistic they allegedly calculated through figures from the CDC and WHO, though we want to see the math). They probably don’t realize that blowjobs, handjobs and body contact can still transmit HPV, herpes and gonorrhea too. But oh well.

They also blame anal sex for “the explosive spread of sexually transmitted diseases around the globe” and say that since the Bible specifically forbids sodomy, anal sex is immoral, an outlook they share with anti-gay hate groups like the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family.

G0YS reject that G0Y is a sexual orientation and dislike that gays have been lumped in with LBTs — they call it “gender-prejudice against men who love men(/too).” But while they’re certainly not the first gay and bi men to resent being lumped in with people of different genders, G0YS don’t seem to realize that homophobia is a form of gender-prejudice too.

People who inflict violence against men who love other men are trying to reinforce strict ideas of “how men should act.” So when G0YS value hyper-masculinity as an ideal (and utterly reject anyone who acts differently), they’re actually upholding the same ideology that calls stereotypically un-masculine behavior “un-natural.”

Sadly, the G0YS don’t realize that homophobes will happily commit violence against them too, no matter if they’re masculine or afraid of anal sex.

Have you heard of G0YS before? What do you think of their beliefs? Let us know.

This article was originally published on October 30, 2020. It has since been updated.

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