Will the Gator Briefs Be Showing Up in Your Wardrobe Soon?

Will the Gator Briefs Be Showing Up in Your Wardrobe Soon?

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Matt Benedetto is a designer out of Burlington, Vermont, and the brains behind Unnecessary Inventions. The project uses methods like 3D printing and mold making in order to “create products that solve problems that don’t really exist by creating products that no one is really asking for.” The products range from sartorial (Pizza Fanny Pack) to hilariously terrifying (Zucker-Rug)— both of which are available to purchase. And then there’s this: The Gator Briefs.

Described as “the true do anything & go anywhere underwear,” these Crocs-like beauties are truly one of a kind.

The Gator Briefs, Back View

Benedetto markets each one of his items (whether available for purchase or not), and the marketing for the Gator Briefs comes with a full editorial shoot. The newest installment of the Gator series, which also features Gator Gloves and the Gator Visor, this gorgeous product is unparalleled in the world of fashion.

In a video titled “I built the most cursed pair of underwear ever! (The Gator Briefs),” Benedetto takes us on a journey of innovation and Worbla. (Hello cosplayers!) He explains exactly how he designed, molded and created the Gator Briefs, along with introducing us to his very cool new intern who is wearing many Unnecessary Inventions.

The final product? A true masterpiece.

The Gator Briefs: A Side View

The Gator Briefs description reads:

Introducing the newest addition to the Gator Collection, this stylish pair of underwear is equipped with all your favorite accessories from the sport strap, breathable holes, and ribbed accents. When the occasion calls slide them up around your thighs and tackle the day like never before. Keep your eyes peeled for the jockstrap, coming Fall 2022!

While Benedetto’s invention is certainly a little ridiculous, it’s also a testament to his creativity and sense of humor. Unnecessary Inventions as a whole “explores creativity, experimentation with design & processes,” and ultimately results in wildly innovative and impressive products.

What do you think of the Gator Briefs? Would you rock these?

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