Straight Guys Were Asked How They’d Feel About a Gay Roommate, and Here’s What They Said

Straight Guys Were Asked How They’d Feel About a Gay Roommate, and Here’s What They Said

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And now for something truly heartwarming, courtesy of Reddit. (Yeah, you read that right.) In a recent thread on r/AskMen, one Redditor asked a bunch of straight guys how they would feel about having a gay roommate, and the majority of the responses did not disappoint.

u/Danboy1344 asked: “How would you guys feel about having a gay roommate? Should I tell my roommates that I’m gay flat out? I just don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable with me you know?”

Here are some of our favorite responses:

1. A really good point

“I wouldn’t care. Most gay dudes are really cool and are typically compassionate and caring. You know you’re not required to sleep with your roommate, right?”

2. Some assumptions are actually correct!

“As a straight guy I think he would make a great wingman.”

3. This guy has his priorities in order…

“The same way I feel about having a straight, or female, or any other roommates — respect my space and don’t eat my snacks.”

4. Free life advice

“You don’t have to ‘tell’ people you’re gay. The people who matter will figure it out quickly, or it will just come up naturally.

You’re going off into the world as a pseudo-adult for the first time. Your job is to be who you are and figure out where you want to go on this ride. Anyone who would have a problem with a gay roommate can fuck right off and stay out of your way until they do some growing up (some never do, but that ain’t your problem).

You do you homie. Be yourself and never let anyone make you feel [wrong] about that or hide it. And for your peace of mind, I live in Boston, and tons of people I’ve known went to Georgetown. Real hard bible thumper assholes tend to send their kids to shitholes like Bob Jones or Renent. You will probably encounter bigoted assholes, but that’s not a Georgetown phenomenon. That’s just life, everywhere you’ll go.”

5. You don’t owe anyone anything

“I’m a bi guy (mostly into men) and like I didn’t come out to my roommates. It’s your choice. You don’t owe it to anyone. And for me like if someone is straight i just can’t feel any attraction towards them.

And honestly if someone doesn’t like you just because you like dick then fuck them.”

6. Some of us dislike all things equally, I guess?

“Not a fan of roommates in general, but it would make no difference I guess”

7. But it’s always a good idea to think about protecting yourself

“I wouldn’t mind at all, but I’d still refrain from telling him before you know his opinion. As I’m sure you’re well aware some people are assholes and you might just avoid a bad situation. If it’s impossible to live with him, then you can probably switch rooms.”

8. Can we put this on a plaque somewhere?

“Sexuality doesn’t define friendship”

9. It’d be great if more people could adopt this voice of reason immediately

“Wouldn’t bother me. I don’t understand when people think that gay people will be attracted to them just because of their sex? Just because I’m a dude doesn’t mean that every woman I come in contact with wanna fuck

Good luck with college!”

10. And lastly, remember that college is about focusing on your own needs and growth. Meaning: weed the assholes out early on if you can.

“As a queer person myself, I suggest being upfront. You don’t want to live with homophobes. It saves a lot of anxiety knowing that they’re cool with you.”

It’s no secret that going away to college can be nerve-wracking, especially when it’s the first time most of us are away from home. The idea of new friends, responsibilities, and surroundings can give even the most confident 18-year-old a bit of anxiety. That anxiety tends to be a little more prevalent for those of us who don’t fit into heteronormative constructs in a society where not every identity is accepted.

At the end of the day, however, these responses to the idea of a gay roommate make it clear that being a good roommate boils down to mutual respect and proper communication.

How do you feel about these straight guys’ answers to the gay roommate quandary?

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