It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Create a Fan Base and Monetize Posts on Hornet

It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Create a Fan Base and Monetize Posts on Hornet

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There’s a reason we refer to Hornet as the world’s gay social network: no other platform or app sees more than 30 million users interact with content posted by an exclusively gay, international audience. Today, users in every corner of the globe log on to Hornet to post photos and videos, to interact with other users’ posts and to engage with their followers, wherever in the world they may be.

As a feed-based gay social network, each individual user’s Hornet feed is a customized collection of other users’ captivating photos, entertaining video stories, conversation-starting articles and trending videos like the latest movie trailers and music videos.

But Hornet isn’t just your best bet for reaching an exclusive audience of queer people around the world; it’s now easier than ever on Hornet to manage your audience interaction — that is, how you connect with your own followers and fans of your content. And, best of all, it’s also easier than ever to earn awards for your content and redeem those awards for products or cash. 

If you’re currently creating quality photo and video content, sharing that content on Hornet lets you reach an international queer audience and monetize that content. What’s not to love about that?

How users can monetize their content on Hornet is really pretty simple. When you post compelling content in the app (photos or videos), other users are able to send your posts “awards.” Those awards add up, and they can redeemed in the app for different things: a Hornet Premium membership, Hornet merch or gift cards (to Amazon, iTunes, the Google Play Store, Netflix or Starbucks).

You can read more about how “The Hornet Economy” works by going here.

Hornet launched video stories back in October 2020 and has since seen an incredible number of users around the world post videos and engage with other users’ videos — to the tune of 50 million in-app views after just 100 days, and now more than 20 million video views each week!

And speaking of “tunes,” in March Hornet announced AI Music for iOS users. Now users can add custom music to their video stories with the simple touch of a button. Watch this video to see just how simple it is:

So if you’re not currently on Hornet, sharing your photos and videos with millions of LGBTQ users around the world, what are you waiting for?

Start building a following and fan base on Hornet today.

Download the gay social network Hornet in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or use Hornet on the web at

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