Hornet’s Latest Version Lets You Add Custom Music to Your Videos

Hornet’s Latest Version Lets You Add Custom Music to Your Videos

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We love seeing all the amazing user videos that get posted every day on Hornet, from guys in every corner of the globe. Did you know that user videos currently receive more than 10 million views per week?? But you know what would make those videos even better? A soundtrack! Today, Hornet announces its latest version, Version 7.1, introducing AI Music to users.

Hornet is now the very first social network to feature adaptive music composed by artificial intelligence, allowing users like you to express yourselves even more authentically through your videos.

It’s an industry-first: the use of machine learning technology on a social network like ours, and we’ve made it happen via a partnership with AI Music (aimusic.co.uk), a U.K.-based pioneer in innovating at the nexus of music and technology.

Starting March 24 on Hornet for iOS, users are now able to add adaptive, machine learning-composed soundtracks to video stories. It will be coming to Android users soon!

The AI Music service will analyzes your individual video — its mood, any spoken language and video sounds and your choice of music genre. Simply click the “Add Music” button, then choose your genre to add a custom-made soundtrack to your video.

“Now, gay influencers have even more ways to authentically express themselves by creating their own soundtrack, unique to them and their mood,” says Christof Wittig, Hornet’s founder and CEO. “Here, you’re creating the music rather than dancing to someone else’s tune. This exemplifies our mission to foster authentic self-expression of gay men, and discover the many aspects of love, bonding and support that are inherent to them being a member of the 400 million-strong LGBTQ community.” 

Start posting videos featuring AI Music on Hornet today! And if you still haven’t downloaded Hornet, you can find it in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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