We Spoke With the Creative Director of the Black Party, New York’s Sexiest Annual Event

We Spoke With the Creative Director of the Black Party, New York’s Sexiest Annual Event

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Gio Black Peter (pictured above) has been going to the Black Party — one of NYC’s biggest, sexiest gay events — since he was (in his words) “a 21-year-old baby fag.” He says, “It’s one of the few remaining events that survived Giuliani’s disgusting and biased attack on NYC nightlife in the ’90s.” And now, years later, Peter is the Creative Director for the Black Party’s 39th installment, and it sounds like it’s going to be legendary.

Drawing around 5,000 attendees annually, Peter describes the Black Party as, “Westworld without the violence … or Disneyland for big boys.” This year’s theme is “Pigtopia: I want to break free,” a night in which one can escape the monotony of everyday existence and release their inner beast, Peter says.

He’s even made a delightfully naughty promotional video for the upcoming bash. And if you like sizzling pork; that viral, homoerotic Russian cadet dancing video; and scantily clad pig-men, then you’re in luck.

In addition to its animalistic theme, this year’s Black Party is also being held at a new venue. Instead of its usual home at the Roseland Ballroom, it will happen at the giant Depot 52 Warehouse on the waterfront of New York harbor in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. It used to be a submarine factory and is now a large, empty warehouse space.

According to Gio Black Peter, Black Party organizers got to design and build the warehouse’s interior space with their own sound, lighting, dance floor and piggy installations so “guests can live out their fantasies.” Also, since the party is now happening on April 21, organizers are expecting warmer, sexier spring weather.

“Black Party celebrates and promotes what New York City is best known for: Freedom to express one’s self,” Peter tells Hornet. “We love you and want you whether you a ‘freak’ or a ‘clean-cut jock bro’ or a ‘daddy bear’ or a ‘freaky jocky twink daddy trans bear’ — and we definitely love you if you are a ‘Pig!’ Diversity is what makes NYC the legendary city it is.”

One can expect to see all manner of leather clad man as well as eye-popping club kids, well-known performers, live acts by exhibitionists and outrageous drag queens who all love pushing boundaries. There’ll also be music all night with DJ sets by Fatherhood, Chris Cruse, Eddie Elias, Massimiliano Pagliara and Danny Krivit.

The Black Party 2018 takes place Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 10 p.m. until Sunday afternoon at Depot 52 Warehouse (7 52nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11232). To learn more and purchase tickets, head here.

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