We Matched Your Favorite Heartthrobs to Famous Works of Art Using Google’s New Feature

We Matched Your Favorite Heartthrobs to Famous Works of Art Using Google’s New Feature

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The Google Arts and Culture App has been around for two years, but it’s recently taken social media by storm, thanks to the discovery of a quietly added update — a selfie feature.

Now you can take a fabulous photo of yourself and the app will search through thousands of works of art to see if any of them look like you.

The app then reveals five photos you’re able to scroll though, telling you the percent match you are with each of the works.

Now sometimes, the app is hilariously accurate. Although most of the time, it tends to focus on your most prominent feature, not quite focusing on the rest of your face. For me, it was my pronounced schnoz.

We wanted to see who the app would match up with some of our favorite heartthrobs. Needless to say, the app did not disappoint. In fact, I’d go as far to say that Google Arts and Culture App went ahead and actually read some of these celebrities to filth. Take a look.

Here is how the Google Arts and Culture App matched them up:

1. Matt Bomer as “Elvis Presley” by Ralph Wolfe Cowan

A modern day Elvis? That’s not too bad. Now I’m actually interested in seeing Bomer play Elvis in a biopic.

2. Zachary Quinto as “Family Portrait (Unfinished)” by Frida Kahlo

They have the eyebrows down. But I’m not sure exactly where that mustache is coming from….

3. Idris Elba as “Four Studies of a Head of a Moor” by Peter Paul Rubens

Kinda see it … maybe?

4. Colton Haynes as “Portrait of a Young Girl” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Now this is a read. Colton Hayes as a young girl. I mean, Colton definitely has delicate features.

5. Trevante Rhodes as “Unknown” by James Cochran AKA Jimmy C

I’m going to have to say Trevante is a lot more handsome than the man depicted.

6. Zac Efron as “Head of a Young Man” by Peter Paul Rubens

Well, they got the old Zac Efron hair down.

7. Ricky Martin as “Self-Portrait dedicated to Paul Gauguin” Vincent van Gogh

Nope. Maybe the beard — I’ll give the app that.

8. RuPaul (out of drag) as “Shrine Head” by Unknown

I think they focused a little too heavily on RuPaul’s baldness in this one.

9. RuPaul (in drag) as “Obey” by Shepard Fairey

Apart from the big hair, don’t quite see what they were going for here.

10. Shea Couleé as “Bomoto, l’humanité (10bis)” by Jason Kibiswa

No… just… nope. Don’t get it.

11.  Bruno Mars as “A Fallen Monument Lies” by BToy

They’re both wearing hats, so there’s at least that.

12. Frank Ocean as “Educate to Elevate” by Michael Massenburg

Not only do I see this, I also think Frank Ocean would appreciate the title of this piece, too.

13. Anderson Cooper as “The Rev.Humphry Gainsborough” by Thomas Gainsborough

We’re dying.

14. Daniel Dae Kim as”Self-Portrait” by Yi Je-chang

This reminds us how much we love Daniel Dae Kim and that we need to rewatch Lost.

To download the Google Arts and Culture App on iOS, head here. For Android, visit here.

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