Google Sheets Is Officially Doing More to Celebrate Pride Month than Donald Trump

Google Sheets Is Officially Doing More to Celebrate Pride Month than Donald Trump

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No, we’re not joking. Google Sheets, a forever favorite of unapologetic organizational nerds (like yours truly), is once again featuring a rainbow colored Easter egg to celebrate the month of June.

Users only have to enter the letters P-R-I-D-E into the first five cells to turn the entire spreadsheet into the rainbow flag. By right clicking along the left side, users can also choose to hide the first row and use the spreadsheet without losing the colors.

Check out this Google Sheets Pride Month feature

And while Google Sheets isn’t making leaps and bounds toward queer progress, or even necessarily making a profound statement, the gesture comes off as both friendly and celebratory. Certainly now, while social distancing and COVID-19 have put a pause on our plans for the month, these little reminders are welcome.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has maybe used the word “pride” in a sentence once, completely unrelated to the LGBTQ community or LGBTQ rights. In fact, 45 has been so atrocious on queer issues that Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President Alphonso David called him “the worst president on LGBTQ issues ever.” And where is the lie? Trump’s administration has repeatedly sought weak and unfounded excuses for backing policies that discriminate based on sexual orientation or identity.

The National Center for Transgender Equality has chronicled Trump’s heinous actions and attempts against transgender folk, ranging from the Department of Education’s assertion that trans students must be banned from participating in school sports to Trump’s personal and adamant opposition to the Equality Act, which simply seeks to ensure that LGBTQ peoples across the board are afforded the same rights and protections as everyone else.

You know — because we’re people, too.

And yes, this is the third year that the man who golfs while the country sinks further into homophobia, racism, classism and sexism has failed to acknowledge Pride Month.

Our scoreboard reads: Google, one. Trump, negative six-six-six.

What do you think of the Google Sheets Pride Month feature?

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