We Need This: One-of-a-Kind Grogu Collectible Is Up for Auction on eBay

We Need This: One-of-a-Kind Grogu Collectible Is Up for Auction on eBay

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OK, Star Wars superfans. We all remember how we felt when we saw Grogu for the first time (Awe. Disbelief. The sudden urge to cry.) and every subsequent episode, gif and piece of merchandise has somehow inevitably brought up those same emotions again. Well, finally, we’ve found the Holy Grail of The Child. Mattel Creations has created the single most incredible Grogu collectible — and it’s up for auction on eBay, currently going for $9,000 USD. This adorable Child plush comes complete with a floating pram that actually levitates off the ground.

Mattel Creations calls the Grogu collectible a “labor of love.” I call it “an item I never knew I needed until just now.”

The collectible is one-of-a-kind, and 100% of the proceeds benefit ProjectArt, whose mission is the empowerment of young people and emerging artists. ProjectArt was founded in 2011 in Harlem and has since grown into a coast-to-coast program offering free after-school art classes for underserved K-12 students, taught by visual artists. They operate in the major American cities of NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Cleveland, San Francisco and New Orleans.

The eBay listing for the Grogu collectible states:

The mission of Mattel Creations is to build a community of creators, collaborators, and innovators. ProjectArt dedicates endless hours to this mission by introducing art to kids who might not normally get the chance. In addition to the support of ProjectArt through this auction, Mattel is demonstrating their commitment to creative arts education and to inspire the next generation of creators by generously funding the Los Angeles Project Art chapter for 2021.

Mattel Creations was launched in celebration of Mattel’s 75th anniversary and features today’s leading creators in collaboration with iconic brands like Barbie, Magic 8 Ball and UNO.

Bidding for the Grogu collectible In Floating Hover Pram ends Friday, March 5, at noon.

Are you a Star Wars superfan? How badly do you need this Grogu collectible from Mattel Creations?

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