These Hornet Users Had Our Favorite #MySecretCity Posts

These Hornet Users Had Our Favorite #MySecretCity Posts

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With more than 30 million users around the world, on any given day the Hornet Feed features slices of life from a wide variety of guys. So in an attempt to highlight the diversity of our userbase and showcase some of our favorite Feed contributions, we’ve gathered our favorite posts from the past week.

This week we’re looking at our favorite #MySecretCity posts. The campaign #MySecretCity is a way to show off some of your city’s favorite “hidden gems,” whether it’s your go-to coffee shop, or a special place in a local park where you love to relax. We’ll be on the lookout for more of these #MySecretCity posts, so share your own and be sure to tag them with our special campaign hashtag!

Here are our favorite #MySecretCity posts by Hornet users from the past week:

1. Cooper from Thailand (@arme_big)

2. Nomadic Boys from the UK (@nomadicboys)

3. Artois from Turkey (@artois)

4. Mattheus from Brazil (@omattleao)

5. Mizuki from Indonesia (@mizukii)

6. Ebi from Amsterdam (@ebiheykal)

7. Diputra from Indonesia (@silveryfoxy)

8. Top from Thailand (@top.thailand1)

9. Shien from Taiwan (@shien)

10. Can from Turkey (@whatjohndoes)

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