Hornet Users Are Now Connecting Over Interest-Based Feeds

Hornet Users Are Now Connecting Over Interest-Based Feeds

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As a social network for more than 30 million guys around the world, think of Hornet like a … digital gay bar. It’s a place where you know you’ll be around guys who, while they each have their own interests and personalities, like you are part of a larger community connected through shared passions, struggles and life experiences. And just like a gay bar, guys are there for different reasons: some are looking for someone to leave with when the night is over, and others are just there to hang out, make conversation or meet new friends.

Well, Hornet has just made it even easier to find more of what you’re looking for, no matter why you’ve walked into this gay bar.

One of the most popular hashtags you’ll find on Hornet is #workout. Clicking on that hashtag while in the Hornet feed takes you to a new feed comprised of nothing but #workout posts from guys around the world.

But finding more pics of shirtless guys around the world lifting weights isn’t the only ‘worth it’ use case for these new hashtag feeds.

Here’s a look at some of our other favorite hashtag feeds on Hornet:

1. #beach

We do love a beach day spent with sand and sun! So many guys on Hornet love to post pics from the beach. Skimpy swimsuits encouraged but not required! 😍

2. #beard

What can we say, we totally have a ‘thing’ for guys with facial hair. And luckily for us, there are Hornet guys around the world who know how to rock a beard and love to show it off!

3. #travel

The gay community loves to travel, and on any given day you’re sure to stumble across posts from users’ global travels. This hashtag feed is a great way to connect with fellow globetrotters!

4. #SelfCare2021

An in-app campaign Hornet kicked off this year, we asked Hornet users around the world to show us how they spend their personal time and treat themselves during these hectic times. If you’re looking for proof that Hornet users are a true community, look no further than these heartfelt posts.

5. #swimming

A favorite pastime of many Hornet users around the globe, it’s easy to find other swimmers on Hornet via a deep dive of the #swimming hashtag.

So what are you waiting for? If you aren’t using hashtags to tag your posts, you’re missing out on allowing other users who share your interests to find you! Start clicking on your favorite hashtags today!


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