Hornet Is Set to Launch a New Way to Reward Its Community Members

Hornet Is Set to Launch a New Way to Reward Its Community Members

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In a quest to always bring the latest technological advancements to its community, Hornet — with the help of the LGBT Foundation — will soon launch a new token economy. This is exciting news for community members as it will provide even more value to their contributions into the Hornet community.

You might ask, what is a token?

A token is a form of digital currency that can have many properties fiat money can’t. For example, the LGBT Token will have three key components at its core :

A new token tailored to the LGBTQ cause is one of the best solutions to address the modern needs of our community. It has the power to unleash the untapped $4.6 trillion USD that the pink economy represents and will assert its cause to the world.

“It is now time for the LGBT community to take full control of their destiny. By unleashing the power of technological innovation, we can exert the community’s economic might to double down on the rightful pursuit of equal rights and full acceptance.” —Christof Wittig, Founder and CEO of Hornet

We have been working hard with the LGBT Foundation to make this a reality, and the beta launch of the new token is very soon. We can’t wait to let the Hornet community in!

If you want to be the first to discover it, join our beta testing program here and make sure to read our prelaunch post to learn how to help us test the new token.

You can learn more about the token itself at the LGBT Foundation website, lgbt-token.org.

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