This Week’s #HornetGuy, Bowen, Wants to Enjoy Food and Fun With You

This Week’s #HornetGuy, Bowen, Wants to Enjoy Food and Fun With You

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Meet this week’s #HornetGuy, Bowen, a 27-year-old from Taiwan. He’s an information technology engineer (a guy who helps set up computer networks), and he lives in Taipei City, Taiwan’s third most populous city. And in addition to being smart and friendly, he also loves food, animals and fun, as you’ll see below.

My hobbies are taking trips, eating delicious food and taking photos for Instagram,” Bowen tells us. Indeed, his Instagram is filled with beautiful shots of his meals out at restaurants. (He especially loves seafood and sweets.) His Instagram account also has numerous snapshots of himself standing before colorful destinations, usually with a bright smile.

His ideal weekend is to “choose a good café and take a rest,” especially with a friend. “I like cold weather hugs with my lover,” he says. He also enjoys a good cuddle with his adorable white puppy (who pops up in several of his Instagram pics).

“I get along well with others [and] I am always smiling,” he says. Bowen initially joined Hornet to make some friends, but now that he’s been a part of the Hornet community for over a year, he’s come to appreciate everything it has to offer.

So much content, events and guys,” he says.

Indeed, guys in Taiwan love Hornet and Hornet loves them right back by staying active in the country’s gay scene, local events and LGBTQ politics. 

Bowen says he has made so many friends from Hornet, and the companionship, conversation and camaraderie keep him happy, even after a long day working with computers.

“I can play and laugh out loud all day,” Bowen says, flashing that irresistible smile.

If you want to spark a conversation and connect with Bowen, you can follow him on Hornet: @bomguo.

You, too, can be a #HornetGuy. All you have to do is sign up here.

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