These Two Men Have Spent Thousands to Resemble a ‘Human Ken Doll’

These Two Men Have Spent Thousands to Resemble a ‘Human Ken Doll’

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When the Barbie toy doll first came out in 1959, feminists and health experts said the doll “conveyed an unrealistic body image to girls,” and worried that the doll’s 5’9” and 110 pound frame would lead young girls to become anorexic. Well, perhaps someone should’ve said the same thing about Barbie’s boyfriend Ken because we know of at least two guys buying expensive cosmetic surgery just to resemble a human Ken doll.

Jonny Dylan, a 27-year-old man who calls himself a “Canadian Ken doll,” reportedly spends $800 a month to resemble Malibu Ken, a doll that inspired him as a child with its “blonde highlights, blue eyes … dark eyelashes … tan [and] good bone structure.”

“When I first saw the Ken doll,” Dylan said, “I knew that that was what perfection meant to me. I knew that I was going to pursue that.”

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