Cheers to (All of) Us: Our Favorite Inclusive LGBTQ Bars in the United States

Cheers to (All of) Us: Our Favorite Inclusive LGBTQ Bars in the United States

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LGBTQ bars are a staple of our culture and history.

They’ve historically been one of the few places where we can be ourselves, meet one another in peace and safety, and unwind. They’ve also been at the center of the queer rights movement in the United States, often serving as “battlegrounds” in the fight.

The unfortunate truth, however, is that as important as these establishments have been for queer people, they don’t always cater to all of us but rather only certain segments of our colorful umbrella. Case in point: there are only a handful of lesbian bars left across the country — a stark contrast to the hundreds that existed in the 1980s.

So to celebrate every identity under the queer umbrella, we’ve rounded up our favorite inclusive LGBTQ bars across the country.

These are our 10 favorite inclusive LGBTQ bars in the USA:

1. The Abbey / The Chapel (West Hollywood)

The Chapel at The Abbey is a must while visiting (or residing) in Los Angeles. Every Wednesday is queer women / non-binary / lesbian night, and the bar/club’s monthly Heavenly Bodies party is supported by the Trans Wellness Center.

2. Stonewall (NYC)

Legendary gay bar and National Historic Landmark, the Stonewall Inn is a staple of American queer culture, and the crowd inside on any given night is as diverse as you’ll find in any queer bar stateside.

3. Club Cafe (Boston)

This Boston spot is a piano bar and cabaret that hosts everything from trivia nights to private events.

4. Stacy’s at Melrose (Phoenix)

Stacy’s says it best: “Stacy’s is a bar for everyone. We love you all & never discriminate whether you are LGBTQ, an ally or straight … everyone is welcome!”

5. Wang Chung’s (Honolulu)

What’s not to love about this queer karaoke bar? With a focus on great atmosphere and community, Wang Chung’s is a guaranteed good time.

6. Flex (Las Vegas)

With art therapy nights, karaoke after-hours, a bi-monthly queer ladies night and so much more, Flex welcomes everyone under the LGBTQ umbrella.

7. The Dark Lady (Providence)

Fun and lively, The Dark Lady is part of why Rhode Island’s Pride is consistently marked one of the best in the USA.

8. Precinct (Los Angeles)

Downtown L.A.’s largest LGBTQ bar, Precinct has something fun going on every night they’re open. They also happen to have the best merch around. And, the featured image at the top of this article, photographed by Jeremy Lucido, was shot at Precinct. AND, you can purchase the image, too!

9. Boycott Bar (Phoenix)

lgbtq bars 2

Started as as an event for women, Boycott has evolved into a queer bar for everyone. Owner Audrey Corley says, “I’m glad that we’re finally getting to a day and age where everyone is welcome. In these years we are becoming more inclusive.”

10. Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium (Atlanta)

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Is it a bar? Is it a church? Sister Louisa’s can be both depending on whatever it is you’re looking for. Grant Henry, who opened Church in 2010, says, “I want people to come in and think, because then they grapple with who they are, and then they grapple with themselves and become more authentic.”

What are your favorite inclusive LGBTQ bars?

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