42 Pics of Sexy, Sweaty, Shirtless Guys Dancing at Indulge, Seattle’s Hottest Circuit Party

42 Pics of Sexy, Sweaty, Shirtless Guys Dancing at Indulge, Seattle’s Hottest Circuit Party

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How does Verotica do it? Every couple of weeks, this Seattle drag queen and nightlife genius manages to pack hundreds of sweaty, sultry, shirtless men onto a dance floor, and she did it yet again this past Saturday at Indulge 2.0, a party at Seattle’s Kremwerk.

While there are plenty of hotties of all shapes and sizes in the Pacific Northwest, the region isn’t exactly known for circuit party-style events. And yet somehow Verotica has managed to foster a sexy community of humpy hunks, whether at her debauched Halloween party or her Indulge events.

The best part about her events is that they manage to combine L.A.-style naughtiness with PNW-style body-positivity. Everyone feels free to take off their shirts and dance, no matter what they look like. There aren’t many parties on Earth where that’s the case.

Sure, conventional muscle-hunks are over-represented, but that’s going to be the case at just about any party. This is a judgement-free zone where nobody gets shamed for how they look.

This past weekend’s party dove deep underground to Kremwerk, the basement dive bar that’s managed to hold on while the neighborhood around it rapidly gentrifies with skyscrapers and luxury housing. It’s always nice to see a venue that keeps it queer even as the super-rich invade from all directions.

If you’re lucky enough to have a chance to drop by Kremwerk, take a look at the posters for upcoming events. There’s always a fascinating drag show, weird art party or diverse selection of performers heading to the stage. Even better, there’s a more intimate venue out back called Timbre Room where you can get up close and personal. And if you’re ready for some late-night drunk food, pop into Little Maria’s upstairs for a slice of perfect weekend pizza.

Seattle owes Verotica a debt of gratitude for keeping our queer bodies nice and hot during these drizzly cold winter nights. Spring might be just around the corner, but these partiers have us sprung all year round.

Check out pics from Indulge 2.0, Seattle’s April event by Verotica Events:

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