Is He Into Me? 6 Ways to Tell If He Really Wants to Be More Than Friends

Is He Into Me? 6 Ways to Tell If He Really Wants to Be More Than Friends

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Flirting is easy, but every one of us has been on the receiving end and wondered, Is he into me or is he just being friendly? After all, how often have you heard a partner say “I didn’t even realize you liked me that way! I thought I was just a friend!”

If only there were an easy way to distinguish flirting from friendship!

Well, we’ve compiled this list of six easy ways to tell if someone wants to be more than just friends.

1. He’s constantly looking into your eyes.

Eye contact counts for a lot. If he’s making long, uninterrupted eye contact with you, it probably means he’s into you. He’s just looking at you because he wants to take in all of your beauty.

2. He finds ways to touch you.

Most of us like to be touched — and touching is a great sign that he wants to get to know you better. If he puts his hand on your hip, he probably likes you. If he laughs and puts his back against yours — he probably really likes you.

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3. He likes it when you touch him.

Sometimes you have to touch someone, even in a non-flirty way. Perhaps you put your hand on someone’s shoulder to get by them. If he reacts positively, it’s a good sign … but if he retreats and looks uncomfortable, better slow your roll, partner. Is he into me? Probably not.

4. He’s finding ways to spend time with you.

Let’s say you’ve met someone while you’re out with your friends. You say you’re going to get something to drink, and he says “I’ll join you.” Sure, he might just be thirsty — and it’s better to go with someone to the bar than alone. But most likely, he wants to get a little bit of one-on-one time with you.

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5. He laughs at all your jokes, no matter how bad.

We all like to think of ourselves as comedians. And it’s great to hear folks laughing at your jokes. But not every joke’s a winner — and if he even laughs at your worst pun, he’s either got a terrible sense of humor… or he’s trying to get on your good side.

6. He wants to see you again.

“Hey! I’ve had a lot of fun with you! We should do it again sometime!” If you hear this, it’s a big, flashing sign that he probably likes you. Friends do not use words like “fun time” and “do it again” — you usually just hang out with your friends again. But if someone wants to be more than friends, he’ll want to make sure you see each other again.


What are some other ways to know Is he into me? Share your own advice in the comments.

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