The Man Who Died From Silicone Scrotum Injections Had a 2,000-Word ‘Pup Contract’ With His Master

The Man Who Died From Silicone Scrotum Injections Had a 2,000-Word ‘Pup Contract’ With His Master

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It’s now been nearly a month since the passing of Aussie-born Jack Chapman, and media outlets continue to slowly uncover more and more details surrounding his death. Chapman was internet-famous for his pup-master relationship with a guy named Dylan Hafertepen, who went by “Noodles and Beef” online and in his own email newsletter community. Recently people have begun to take a closer look at the “pup contract” Jack Chapman had with Hafertepen — some see it as a harmless component of the “pup” fetish community, while others see it as proof the two men’s relationship was dangerous and abusive.

Chapman’s death has received much coverage in the media for a few reasons: First, for the cause of death, which has since been attributed to massive injections of silicone into his scrotum. But also because it’s being claimed that Hafertepen not only disputed claims of Chapman’s death after he had knowledge of the latter’s demise but even went so far as to allegedly impersonate Jack Chapman on social media following his death.

A news program in Australia ran a lengthy investigative piece on the death of Jack Chapman, wherein his mother confronted Hafertepen on camera and blamed him for her son’s death.

Jack Chapman was one of several “pups” of Dylan Hafertepen, all of whom presumably have a similar or the same “pup contract” in place.

Among the wildest components of the “pup contract” between Chapman and Hafertepen are the granting of complete control over his body to Hafertepen, the demand that he renounce his social life and that Hafertepen may demand body modifications from Chapman. The 2,000-word contract Jack Chapman shared with his “master” had been shared to his (now deactivated) Tumblr account back in December 2012.

Dylan Hafertepen (left) with Jack Chapman

Here are some excerpts from the “pup contract” in place between Chapman and Hafertepen:

Master has explicit body goals for his pup regarding their weight, their muscle mass, their measurements and their proportions. The pup will make all efforts possible to ensure these goals are realised and should never feel satisfied until his Master is satisfied. There is always additional room for a pup to push their physical limits. Additionally, a pup will submit to all orders for body modifications, including piercings, tattoos, scrotal saline inflation as well as body growth supplements including steroids and HGH — in accordance to the wishes of the Master.

Master’s word is law and must be trusted and obeyed. In an ideal mindset/subspace, Master’s word should overwrite a pup’s internal reality and be accepted as absolute truth.

A pup’s social world is his Master. Over the duration of his service it is expected that social connections outside of one’s Master fall away until the pup is completely socially and emotionally dependent upon his Master, finding contact with other people pointless, unfruitful and unfulfilling.

Jack Chapman was also ordered in the pup contract to “identify as any name that his Master bestows upon him. If the name sticks, the pup will be encouraged to change the name legally.” Chapman’s name was indeed changed legally, and his death certificate referred to him as Tank Heathcliff Hafertepen.

Daily Mail Australia spoke with Kyle Kingsbury, a guy familiar with the ins and outs of “pup play” and dom-sub culture and who is a former submissive partner of Hafertepen. Kingsbury claims that much of the pup contract between Chapman and Hafertepen is standard fantasy roleplay, though he finds other parts of the contract concerning, most notably Hafertepen’s isolation of Chapman from his previously established social circle.

Kingsbury has expressed concern that the seemingly dangerous perception of this particular pup contract will reflect negatively on members of the leather, fetish and “pup” communities, who are fully capable of engaging in healthy relationships.

Kingsbury insists that while these contracts are sometimes included in sub-dom and “pup” relationships, they’re not legally enforced and are intended primarily to prolong the fantasy. “Folks who haven’t had contact with this community before will see a collar, or hear that someone’s a Sir or pup, and may leap to assuming it’s abuse as well,” he says. “It’s my hope that people realize the leather community also characterizes Dylan’s behavior as abusive. We’ve been talking about it for years, but … that’s a whisper network, and those have limitations.”

Thoughts on the pup contract that some think indirectly caused the death of Jack Chapman?

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