This Hunky Guy Uses Books to Create Amazing, Nerdtastic Art on His Instagram

This Hunky Guy Uses Books to Create Amazing, Nerdtastic Art on His Instagram

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John Waters once said, “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ’em!” Thankfully, James Trevino definitely won’t have that problem — he’s got a collection of over 1,100 books. And he does something amazing with them (besides read them): He makes book art for his Instagram.

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If you could, would you live in a perfect virtual reality? 📚 I am actually so excited to discuss this. I watched READY PLAYER ONE last night and gosh, it is such a beautifully made movie. It might not be as good as the book (which was my favorite book of 2016), but it has it's own charm. Spielberg is a master(and yes, I know it took me forever to watch it). 📚 But anyway, I keep thinking of The Oasis, the virtual world created by Ernest Cline where you have hundreds, thousands of worlds at your disposal, where advanced enough equipment can replicate not only what you see, but also what you touch and smell. In RPO most of the world's population is using the OASIS to play, go to school, to work. The biggest global industry. One one side, I wish The Oasis was real because gosh, can you imagine having that? But on the other hand, I am glad (not exactly) it isn't because I know myself. I know that I would only leave The Oasis to eat and sleep and go to the bathroom. And even then begrudgingly. And I know some of you will say: but James, no matter how wonderful it is, it is not real. But what is real? We perceive the world around us with our senses. And the technology in the book does exactly that, fooling every sense. I guess it depends on how happy you are with what you have. But maybe not. No matter how happy you would be, you can't deny the appeal: you could look any way want, you could ride the Millennium Falcon or actually attend Hogwarts or fight orcs or travel the entire world without having to leave your room. 📚 It just hit me again how boring our world is. Lemme go in a corner and cry.😂 📑 📑 📑 #bookstagram #goodreads #bookmaniac #読書好きな人と繋がりたい #lectura #cititoripasionati #books #booknerd #nerdherd #mystyle #bookpile #shelfie #littlethingsinlife #thatsdarling #momentslikethese #abmhappylife #bookishfeatures #ilovebooks #writer #philosophy #kitapsever #libros #livros

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James Trevino is a big pop culture fan. Aside from books, he’s a big fan of movies and is a self-describedanime addict”. And his love of pop culture comes through in his book art. He’s made tributes to Harry PotterLord of the Rings, Iron Man and more.

He told Bored Panda that his proclivity for book art “just sort of happened.” He explains, “At first I was posting pictures of my then-current reads. With time, the photos got more and more complex, influenced mostly by pop culture and sometimes by certain pictures I saw on Instagram.”

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Recommend me a book/series that you highly enjoyed. 😊 📚 Today's theme is, obviously, recommended books/series. And in my effort to read more, get out of my slump and write more reviews, I thought it was a good idea to ask for your opinion. 📚 Also, I think it would help me a lot to not read alone so I was thinking of starting a little BUDDY READING CLUB. I already asked on story about this. I don't know what books we'll read, but we will decide together. So for anyone interested to join please tell me down below or through DM and I will make a DM group so we can all talk and share thoughts. What do you say? Good/bad idea? * * * Reminder: tag your bookish posts with #jamestrevinorepost because every week I will choose some of your pics to repost and shoutout you. * * * #book #bookstagram #books #bookworm #booknerd #booklover #booklove #ilovebooks #totalbooknerd #BrosOfBookstagram #bookstagramfeature #culturetripbooks #bookish #bibliophile #bookcommunity #goodreads #bookishfeatures #books📚 #vscobooks #vscoreads #instabook #instabooks #igreads #instareads #igbooks #livros #libros #buch #bookclub

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James Trevino typically brainstorms his next book art creation with his friend Elizabeth Sagan, who makes similar book art. He’s also not afraid to use photo manipulation in his work, saying “If the concept proves to be too large to capture in a single frame, we combine two or more photos.”

Trevino says his two favorite books are Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and The Silmarillion. That makes sense as both Harry Potter and Tolkien are frequent references in his work.

Not all of his work is based around pop culture references, though. Some of the book art he makes just looks really cool. With such a massive collection — which he says was mostly bought by himself, though some of his books were inherited from his parents — it’s easy for James Trevino to get the perfect color schemes for his book art as well.

You’ll definitely want to join the 129,000 other people who follow his Instagram to see what he’s cooking up next. We’ve included a gallery of some of our favorites below.

Check out some of James Trevino’s amazing book art below:

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