That Pitcher Who Wrote Racist, Homophobic Tweets Got a Standing Ovation, Because the World Is Now Garbage

That Pitcher Who Wrote Racist, Homophobic Tweets Got a Standing Ovation, Because the World Is Now Garbage

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This last week, Josh Hader, the 24-year-old pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team, had homophobic and racist tweets from five and six years ago resurface online while he played in the All-Star Game. The tweets included messages like “White Power,” “I hate gay people,” and “Gay people freak me out.” After the tweets resurfaced, Vader set his Twitter account to private and then apologized stating, “I was young, immature and stupid. There is no excuse for that to happen.” He’ll also attend sensitivity training mandated by Major League Baseball (MLB). But as he returned to the field Saturday night to play his first game after the tweets resurfaced, white fans gave him a standing ovation, presumably to show their support for his racism and homophobia. Gross.

Hader got the standing ovation even before he delivered a single pitch in the Saturday night game.

Here is video of fans giving Josh Hader a standing ovation:

Now, it’s entirely possible that all of these white people are applauding him for his apology and going into sensitivity training, but, as sports writer Chris Thompson said in Deadspin, “To me, a standing ovation is reserved for someone who has done good, not just someone who has apologized for being actively bad.”

Interestingly, Milwaukee is known as being one of the most racist cities in the entire United States with the city divided among racial lines, the highest rate of black incarceration, the largest achievement gap between black and white students and a high rate of poverty for black children.

When Hader’s tweets resurfaced, the Milwaukee Brewers released the following statement:

“We have been in contact with Josh and he is fully aware of the severity of the situation related to his social media comments, regardless of the timeline of his posts. His comments are inexcusable, and he is taking full responsibility for the consequences of his actions. In no way do these sentiments reflect the views of the Brewers organization or our community. Those of us that have come to know Josh do not believe that these posts are representative of his beliefs. He has been a good teammate and contributor of the team in every way. We will continue to work through the issue with Josh as we prepare to resume games after the break.”


What do you think of the standing ovation given to Josh Hader?

Feature image by Jeff Roberson via the Associated Press

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