Every Modern Guy Needs These 10 Essential Items in His Kitchen

Every Modern Guy Needs These 10 Essential Items in His Kitchen

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There’s nothing sexier than a man who knows his way around the kitchen. So whether you’re the head chef of your little hamlet or just want to be one, why not make sure you have state-of-the-art kitchen stuff at your disposal?

Luckily, we’re here to help. Our guide to 10 pieces of essential (and fun) kitchen stuff will make you look like you know what you’re doing, even if you regularly struggle to make Top Ramen edible.

1. The kitchen multi-tool

The kitchen equivalent of the Swiss Army knife, this useful gadget has 12 high-quality fold-out utensils. Cheese grater? Check. Paring knife? Check. Zester? Check. Create meals efficiently without having to dig around for your missing vegetable peeler. $40, firebox.com

2. Stovetop pizza oven

No more frozen pizza! This stovetop-ready pizza oven lets you create artisan pizzas — even gluten-free ones. Just preheat this stovetop oven to 600 degrees and your homemade pizza will be ready in just six minutes. $107, amazon.com 

3. Fingerprint-proof stainless steel frame dishrack

Not everyone has a dishwasher, and this sleek dishrack is the perfect spot for air-drying your plateware and flatware. It also comes with a wine-glass hanger and a fold-out drip tray so you can keep that counter dry. $80, express.google.com

4. The ‘Just Ripe’ fruit bowl

We all love fruit but hate when it goes bad before we get to eat it. Well, this fruit bowl will put an end to that. Ready-to-eat fruit that spoils quickly goes on top, while you can put fruit that needs to ripen a bit more in the vented glass bowl below.  $65, uncommongoods.com 

5. Star Wars flexible spatula set

Sure, you could use a regular spatula. But why settle for ordinary when you can make Darth Vader himself flip your pancakes? With this set, you get not only Lord Vader but one of his stormtroopers; and if you’re not ready to send your breakfast to the Dark Side, there’s R2-D2 to ensure you’re a Rebel in the kitchen. $50 for the set, williams-sonoma.com 

6. TowlTunes 1.1

Have you ever looked at your paper towel rack and wished it actually did something? (Well, other than holding paper towels — snooze!) Now your prayers have been answered, as this rack includes four USB ports on a water-resistant base. There are also two three-watt speakers complete with Bluetooth. The TowlTunes 1.1 will play your favorite music as you straighten up your kitchen, which we’ve all gotta do sometimes. $100, amazon.com 

7. Chemistry set spice rack

Cooking is basically chemistry, so act like it by using this “chemist” spice rack, complete with nine test tubes full of spices, plus four Erlenmeyer flasks for salt, pepper, sugar and oil. $40, thinkgeek.com 

8. Beeswax reusable sandwich wrap

Disposable sandwich bags are so gauche (and not exactly great for the environment, either). That’s why we love this reusable wrap. Handmade from natural cotton and infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin, this wrap is anti-bacterial and moisture resistant. Quickly wash the wrap in cold water and it’s ready go again and again. $11, uncommongoods.com 

9. Grosche coffeemaker

Coffee isn’t just that black gold that wakes you up in the morning; it’s an art form. So make the artisan coffee you deserve with this amazing coffeemaker from Grosche. With the Heisenberg vacuum syphon and alcohol-burning heating element, you can make about 24 ounces of coffee with a delicious home-brewed taste. $100, saksfifthavenue.com 

10. T-Rex bottle opener

Finally, add some fun to your kitchen with this dinosaur bottle opener that’s functional and, more importantly, a cheeky addition to any kitchen or bar countertop. $34, firebox.com 

So, are you ready to cook your next meal with this fun kitchen stuff?


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