Lacoste Removed Its Iconic Crocodile for This Limited-Edition Set of Endangered Species Polos

Lacoste Removed Its Iconic Crocodile for This Limited-Edition Set of Endangered Species Polos

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We’ve always been a huge fan of Lacoste as a sporty-yet-sophisticated label for the modern man. Despite those polo shirts running a tad pricy ($90 for the Original Polo is steep, sure), those who own a few know they’ll last you a decade, and there are few easier ways to make the statement that you’re a stylish lad who can dress to impress. Well, now Lacoste wants its fans to make a different type of statement altogether: The latest limited-edition Lacoste collection is dedicated to saving some of the world’s endangered species.

Dubbed the “Save Our Species Collection,” this set of limited-edition Lacoste polo shirts actually replaces the brand’s iconic logo — the alligator — with 10 different threatened species. (Though you’ll still find that namesake crocodile on the back of the shirt just below the collar.)

The limited-edition Lacoste collection is a partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Among the animals that replace the crocodile are the Javan Rhino, the Burmese Roofed Turtle, the California Condor and the Sumatran Tiger.

Even more interesting, as it’s a limited-edition collection, the number of available shirts for purchase correspond to the number of that species currently present in the wild. There are only 350 Sumatran Tigers in the world; hence only 350 of that polo shirt available.

That means there are only 1,775 of these limited-edition Lacoste polo shirts available “in the wild,” and they were launched yesterday during the label’s Paris Fashion Week runway show. They went on sale immediately following the show on the Lacoste website.

As of this article’s publication, the U.S. shop on the Lacoste website still had shirts available bearing the Kakapo Parrot.

A “Save Our Species” limited-edition polo shirt will run you $185.


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