It’s Tradition: Ring in the Lunar New Year While Wearing Sexy Red Undies

It’s Tradition: Ring in the Lunar New Year While Wearing Sexy Red Undies

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There are many traditions revolving around New Year’s. Wearing certain colors or new items, and eating certain foods to ring in a brand-new year are just a few that happen around the world. And while many of us celebrated the new year on January 1, others celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Many Asian countries celebrate Lunar New Year, which is based on a calendar year whose months revolve around the moon cycle. Tthis year is the Year of the Tiger, which symbolizes strength and bravery.

Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays in China, and we’re fascinated by the many traditions that go along with it. Families will clean their homes to sweep away any ill fortune, and there are tons of food-related traditions, like preparing dumplings and dining together.

When it comes to Lunar New Year celebrations, there’s also a lot of red — red envelopes with gifts of money, red paper cutouts decorating windows and doors, and also red clothing. One of the most popular (and easiest!) ways to incorporate red into your Lunar New Year outfit is to wear it underneath it all, with some red underwear.

To get you ready for Lunar New Year, we’re highlighting red underwear from 5 of our favorite queer-friendly brands:

1. Savage X Mesh Briefs

Rihanna constantly astounds us with her different ventures, and Savage X Fenty isn’t an exception. Along with the incredible body diversity shown by the brand, the latest “Glossy Flossy” collection includes men’s lingerie. There’s a lot of good red underwear in this collection, and we’re a big fan of these mesh briefs.

Find these briefs ($19.95) on the Savage x Fenty website.

2. GC2B Red Half Binder

For our friends who bind, you can rock some red while banishing any bad luck with this GC2B half binder. GC2B makes high-quality, affordable and comfortable binders that flatten well in a wide variety of sizes and colors. An added benefit of a red binder? Red is often recommended as the best color to wear under a white shirt because it doesn’t show the way other colors do.

Find this binder ($35) on the GC2B website.

3. Cantiq LA Genderfluid Collection Mesh Livi Thong

Cantiq LA has an inclusive collection for anyone who wants to wear lingerie. The genderfluid collection shows pieces on AFAB and AMAB bodies and instead of doing sizing by gender, it’s done based on whether or not you need room in certain areas. Smart, right? This red Livi set from their genderfluid collection is especially gorgeous.

Find this thong ($35) on the Cantiq LA website.

4. TomboyX Gator Boy Shorts

Find these boy shorts ($20) on the TomboyX website.

5. Boy Smells Bare Pouch Front Trunk Underwear

Another option for red underwear comes from Boy Smells, another brand that changes how we look at underwear by selling it based on what you need for body comfort. For instance, do you need a pouch front (as shown above) or flat-front red underwear for Lunar New Year? These cranberry red trunks will definitely help you kick in the Lunar New Year comfortably and in style. And because you also want to smell great while you ring in the new year, Boy Smells offers some of our favorite scents as fragrances and candles.

Find these trunks ($25) on the Boy Smells website.

Will you be celebrating Lunar New Year with some red underwear? If you do, tag @hornet in your Insta posts so we can reshare!

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