The Gay March4Trump Had Barely 100 Attendees, 25 Marchers and 0 Mentions of Anti-LGBT Policies

The Gay March4Trump Had Barely 100 Attendees, 25 Marchers and 0 Mentions of Anti-LGBT Policies

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Last month we reported on gay Trump supporter Peter Boykin’s planned March4Trump event. It happened on Sunday, March 4, but it’s not your fault if you didn’t notice, as barely 100 people even showed up.

The Washington Blade reports the event took place at the lower plaza in front of the Lincoln Memorial steps, a short ways from the Reflecting Pool (which has been drained during these winter months).

Boykin, the president of Gays for Trump, spoke at the “open mic” event along with about a dozen other unscheduled speakers on a makeshift stage with two speakers. Unlike last year’s event, no counter-protesters bothered showing up. Boykin and other speakers said that severe wind storms along the coast prevented more people from attending. (Uh-huh.)

Last year Boykin also held a “Make America Great Again Free Speech Rally” on July 1, in Washington, D.C. Only 18 people attended. Boykin blamed the low turnout on people celebrating the July 4 holiday weekend.

“For every one person here there are 1,000 Trump supporters who could not be here today,” Boykin claimed.

Peter Boykin

None of the speakers at this March4Trump rally actually addressed any of the numerous anti-LGBTQ actions Trump has taken, including trying to reinstate a ban on transgender military members, appointing numerous anti-LGBTQ judges and an anti-LGBTQ Supreme Court Justice, rescinding Obama-era memos protecting trans students and LGBTQ employees, writing in favor of anti-gay discrimination at public businesses, starting a so-called civil rights division to ensure that medical professionals won’t have to serve LGBTQ people, failing to recognize LGBTQ Pride month and dismantling the the U.S. government’s HIV advisory board.

The Washington Blade reports, “At about 2:30, after the crowd dwindled to about 25 people, participants in the March4Trump began their planned march from the Lincoln Memorial to the White House.” Afterwards Boykin and some others had a late lunch at the nearby Trump hotel.

Boykin has filed to run for a state House seat in a Democratic-leaning district of North Carolina. His husband made headlines when he attacked a protestor at a Trump rally in 2016. Boykin himself has appeared on the far-right paranoid conspiracy show InfoWars and has spoken in defense of transphobic douchebag troll Milo Yiannopoulos.

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