We’ve Been Sucked Into Hate-Watching Milo Yiannopoulos Sell Quack Medicine on InfoWars

We’ve Been Sucked Into Hate-Watching Milo Yiannopoulos Sell Quack Medicine on InfoWars

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InfoWars, the paranoid far-right conspiracy program hosted by supermutant Alex Jones, is a cesspool of disinformation and lies. So it makes sense that gay, alt-right dumpster fire Milo Yiannopolous is now on the program hawking the show’s expensive “health” supplements that largely have no nutritional benefits. In fact, the schadenfreude you’ll get watching this sad Milo Yiannopolous Infowars advertisement probably has more health benefits than the crap he’s selling.

A video clip recently shared on Twitter shows Yiannopolous wearing a pink bowtie and frosted tips, promoting a $20 product called Icuren 30-Day Liver Cleanse. “I’m very careful about what I put inside myself,” he says (though that’s not what we heard … ba-dum-ching!).

No, but really, Yiannopolous goes onto say, “The liver and the kidneys are the ones who bear the brunt of all of your smoking, drinking and carousing. Terrible things that you people do to your bodies while you’re listening to InfoWars. Guzzling down Jim Bean and chain smoking….”

Here is video of the Milo Yiannopolous Infowars advertisement:

Yiannopolous’ statement reveals both how little he knows about the body — the lungs take the brunt of smoking — as well as his contempt for InfoWars’ audience whom he considers a bunch of whiskey-swilling nicotine addicts who deserve overpriced, ineffective junk supplements.

This indignity kicks off his already humiliating new year. After having his book deal trashed and his manuscript’s embarrassing editor’s notes published online, Yiannopolous recently dropped his doomed-to-fail lawsuit against the book’s would-be publisher Simon and Schuster after his lawyers dumped him.

You may also recall that last year wasn’t much better for the toxic douchebag. He got booted from the far-right website Breitbart over his comments supporting child rape. He also got re-banned from Twitter, was exposed for working with white supremacists and was revealed as a plagiarist of Tori Amos and thrower of sad birthday parties.

But he really deserves to work on InfoWars. Among the show’s many dangerous fabrications is the idea that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was faked and that the gay-owned Washington D.C.-based Comet Ping Pong pizzeria was part of Hillary Clinton’s shadowy #Pizzagate child molestation ring.


What do you think of the Milo Yiannopolous Infowars advert? Sound off in the comments.

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