Hornet Goes Behind the Scenes of the NYFW Marco Marco Show, a Celebration of Trans Identity

Hornet Goes Behind the Scenes of the NYFW Marco Marco Show, a Celebration of Trans Identity

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On Saturday, Sept. 8, during New York Fashion Week, L.A.-based label Marco Marco made history by sending down the runway an exclusively trans cast of models wearing its seventh collection. It was hardly the first time celebrity designer and underwear guru Marco Morante cast members of the LGBTQ community, but nevertheless the most recent Marco Marco show was one for the record books.

In previous seasons we’ve seen all sorts of prominent queer personalities strut the runway for a Marco Marco show — beloved drag personalities including Courtney Act, Detox, Laganja Estranja and basically every “Ru girl” on the roster, plus porn stars like Boomer Banks and some favorite gay faces like Will Wikle, Rodiney Santiago, Steven Dehler and Seth Fornea.

Morante has obviously done fantastic work featuring an inclusive and diverse fashion spectacle over the years, so why did he think it was essential to have an all-trans show this season? We chatted with him in between the backstage mayhem of the recent Marco Marco show, and here’s what he told us:

My shows are all about inclusion, and this season in particular is about putting a spotlight on people who fucking deserve a spotlight. If you look around this room, it’s clear all of them are not only stars but fabulous people too. And they are fabulous in a way that’s unique to them.

Author Jorge Gallegos with designer Marco Morante

Everybody has a different personality, a different body type, a different look.

I love the idea of doing a fashion show around people who inspire me rather than doing a show that’s just strictly about the clothes. This show is about extraordinary people wearing my clothes in their own manner.

When we asked Morante about the message he wanted his audience to be left with following the 2018 NYFW Marco Marco show, he said, “Redefining what people think about fashion and about beauty. Because, in my opinion, the most fashionable thing right now is people.”

Some of the male models from the all-trans Marco Marco show

Despite the show starting late, it didn’t disappoint! The collection was bold and colorful, a bit vintage and plenty rock ‘n’ roll. Fierceness was brought to the runway by all the models featured in the Marco Marco show, including Gigi Gorgeous, Jaime Wilson, DJ Lina and Laith Ashley, among others.

We have to say, though, the incredible Dominique Jackson (you love her on FX’s Pose) stole the entire Marco Marco show with her runway walk! She posed, she strutted, she took off her cape, she turned around, she walked away — and the crowd loved it!

Dominique Jackson (right) with Marco Morante at the Marco Marco show

Without a doubt, it was a remarkable night, both for fashion and the LGBTQ community.

Check out more behind-the-scenes images from last weekend’s Marco Marco show:

What do you think of the all-trans Marco Marco show during NYFW 2018?

All photos by Wilsonmodels

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