5 Steps to Becoming an Impeccably Groomed Man

5 Steps to Becoming an Impeccably Groomed Man

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Experts say the most important of all grooming tips for men is to become good friends with your barber. And in a perfect world, sure, that makes sense. But truly talented barbers don’t come cheap — or with always-convenient availability — which is why we’d amend those wise words just a bit: become good friends with your barber, but make sure you can handle all your own grooming, too.

Getting pampered in a barber shop is great. In fact, there’s nothing like it. But every man needs the know-how of giving his face a little TLC at home. You shouldn’t have to rely on a barber to make your mug picture-perfect, and with these five grooming tips for men — guaranteed to transform any face from unruly to unbelievable — you won’t have to.

1. First Things First, Gather Your Grooming Arsenal

In addition to any in-shower and post-shower hairstyling needs (all of which are completely dependent on the style, length and thickness of your top-mop), there are two pieces of hardware that no impeccably groomed man could go without, and those are a powerful but damage-minimizing hair dryer and a versatile, waterproof trimmer. Luckily, Panasonic has made both a no-brainer.

The Panasonic Men’s Precision Wet/Dry Beard and Hair Trimmer handles much more than beard upkeep. The quick-adjust electric trimmer dial provides 19 settings for personalized cutting and sculpting, and best of all it’s 100% waterproof so you can use it in the shower for easy cleanup. This single device will ensure your chest and arm hair never get unruly, your facial hair stays naturally sculpted, and your down-there hair never falls out of control. (Hey, you never know when the opportunity to show off your handy work will present itself.)

When it comes to a hair dryer, opt for a piece of hardware that gets the job done but also keeps your luscious locks protected and damage-free. The Panasonic Hair Dryer with nanoe™ and Oscillating Quick-Dry Nozzle is the best of both worlds. The nanoe™ technology creates moisture-rich particulates nearly 1,000 times more effective than general negative ions. That means you’re keeping your mane’s moisture, smoothness and shine even in the driest of climates, and this dryer’s nozzle action protects your hair from overheating. 

2. Match Your Beard to Your Face Shape

Guys with facial hair should think of their beard as a frame for the face. You wouldn’t put a 5X7 photograph in a frame for a diploma, right? You want something that fits the picture nicely — something to show it off. Same with your beard. Say you have a long, narrow face; the last thing you want is a long beard that forms a pointy tip at the chin. If you have a round face, bushy hair sprouting from your cheeks and chin won’t do you any favors; you want something tight and trimmed. 

Whatever shape your face requires, the Panasonic Men’s Precision Wet/Dry Beard and Hair Trimmer is capable of it all. With its specially designed, sharp, hypoallergenic, wide-tip blades, it helps lift, capture and cut neatly through difficult, thick and tangled hair, including whiskers that lie flat against the surface. This trimmer is eerily precise and one of the most powerful tools on the market, so you can let it do the heavy lifting.

Not sure what style makes the most sense for your face? Check out this handy cheat sheet from GQ magazine or a face shape illustrated guide like this one from The Independent.

3. Be Delicate With Those Close-Shave Spaces

If you’re someone who’s looking to get a close shave — especially on your neck, chin or other places where hair can become unruly — be delicate with your face. Most people ditch razors for beard trimmers because they’ve had enough of ingrown hairs and other skin irritations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still irritate your skin by taking too aggressive an approach. Be sure to take your time, and always trim in the direction that your hair grows to be extra careful.

Speaking of careful, that brings us to one hair-sprouting body part that too often gets neglected in the male grooming regimen: the nostrils. Instead of plucking any errant nose hairs (ouch!), invest in this Panasonic Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer. Lightweight and compact, it allows for an always quick, comfortable trim, using a dual-edge blade that cuts hairs from the sides and the top, perfect for removing individual strays. 

4. Wash Your Beard (And Your Trimmers) Regularly

Much like the hair on your head, you need to clean your beard regularly. But how much is enough? Typically, you want to wash your beard a couple of times per week. Anymore than that and you’ll strip it of its natural oils; any less and you run the risk of bacteria and other pollutants getting trapped in your facial hair.

Stick to lukewarm to mildly hot water, especially before a trim. Hot water might seem nice at first, but it actually strips your skin and speeds up the aging process; cold water won’t up your pores. You want something in the middle.

And as for how often to clean your trimmers? As a good guide, between uses you should brush out the hair and rinse your trimmers clean. Use a disinfectant spray to properly kill bacteria and then apply blade oil as directed once per month to keep your trimmers in tip-top shape.

5. Be Patient, Feed It and Let It Grow

Trimming your beard isn’t something you need to do — or even should do — every single day. Sometimes hair grows best and becomes its healthiest when you just leave it alone. Especially if you’re new to growing a beard, be patient and let it do its thing. Wash regularly as we laid out above, and consider vitamins like B12 and Biotin, both of which promote growth of hair and skin cells.

Of course, just because you’re leaving your face alone doesn’t mean you can’t give the hair on your head and face a tune-up every so often. The Panasonic Beard Trimmer‘s 19 adjustable settings and clippers allow you to shape your beard as it grows, while the Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer will easily rid your face of any stray or askew hairs, letting your gorgeous mug shine for all the world to see.

This story was sponsored by Panasonic.

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