Our 5 Current Obsessions: A Merman Tail, Electric Surfboard and a Handsfree Toothbrush

Our 5 Current Obsessions: A Merman Tail, Electric Surfboard and a Handsfree Toothbrush

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Ever wanted to swim freely in the ocean with a merman tail or surf without worrying about catching a wave? With all that ocean fun, you’ll need to save some time; good thing you can now brush your teeth in 30 seconds, handsfree. From innovative takes on the everyday to unique design choices, here are this week’s current obsessions.

1. Toothbrush 4.0

Now you can brush your teeth in 30 seconds with Chiiz, the toothbrush from the future. And you don’t even need to use your hands. Chiiz might look like a mouth guard, but it can make up to 25,000 brush movements per minute. With 360º coverage, Chiiz will prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Now there’s no excuse to not brush regularly. Now we just need a companion device to floss for you, too. Price upon request, Chiiz

2. Raf Simons + Eastpak Collab

As the head designer for Calvin Klein as well as his own eponymous line, Raf Simons still finds the time for magical collaborations. This time, Simons got together with Eastpak, the backpack maker, on a sleek, unique capsule collection for the modern guy. Available in August, $200-$500, eastpak.com 

3. Electric surfboard

Imagine surfing in the ocean on a calm, placid day without wind or waves. The Lampuga Boost, an electric surfboard from Germany, makes it easy to surf no matter what. This board has a battery life of 45 minutes and can go up to 36 m.p.h. Price upon request, lampuga.de 

4. Taco serving kit and storage box

It’s Taco Tuesday every day with this serving kit. It’s an all-in-one solution for serving and storage, with six glass bowls for different toppings and four taco holders, you can make tasty tacos without making a mess, too. $85, uncommongoods.com 

5. Merman tail

Ever wanted to be like a merman and swim freely in the ocean like Ariel? Haus of Mertailor can make your wish to be a merman come true. They have a vast collection of merman tail designs, made from fabrics like poly-spandex and neoprene in all different colors. The tail looks eerily realistic with its iridescent scales. Starting at $69, themertailor.com 

Are you ready to frolic in the ocean with a merman tail this summer?

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